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What Veg Can You Grow In Polytunnel In Winter?

What Veg Can You Grow In Polytunnel In Winter

There are some things you can do to grow vegetables in a polytunnel during the winter. First of all, you should protect your plants from frost. During the winter, the weather conditions are unpredictable. Heavy rain, wind and erratic temperatures can be difficult for vegetables. Luckily, you can protect your plants from these conditions with a polytunnel or a greenhouse.

Growing vegetables in a polytunnel

Many varieties of vegetables can be planted in a polytunnel during autumn for a winter harvest. Some can even be overwintered and remain dormant until spring. If you haven’t started growing seasonal veg yet, there is still time to take advantage of this great time of year.

Garlic, for example, does incredibly well in a polytunnel. In October, you can plant garlic inside your polytunnel, where it will sprout quickly and grow over the winter. Garlic grown outside may not reach the surface until spring, but in the polytunnel, it will grow to be three times larger. Planting garlic in a polytunnel will also extend the growing season by around six to eight weeks, enabling you to sow and harvest your vegetables at a later date.

Protecting your plants from frost

If you’re growing plants in a polytunnel during the winter months, you’ll need to protect them from the elements. The first thing to do is to check the weather forecast. This will give you an idea of when it is safe to water and transplant. For example, a sudden spring frost could kill seedlings or tomato plants that have just been transplanted. Also, an early fall freeze can damage seedlings or plants that are loaded with fruit.

Another way to protect your plants from the cold is to cover them with row covers. These can be made of bubble wrap or horticultural fleece. You can also cover individual plants with plastic cloches.

Growing kale

Growing kale in a polytunnel is a great way to grow this nutritious vegetable in cooler climates. Kale is a cold weather plant, and it needs cool weather to grow well. Its sweet, nutty flavor is enhanced by cool temperatures. You can plant kale in mid-July and harvest it by mid-November.

Kale is a hardy plant and can grow in a polytunnel in the UK during winter. Once the first frosts have passed, it can be harvested throughout the winter months. It is an excellent choice for the winter months because it is tolerant to low light levels and can be started in propagators or indoor trays. Rocket is another great winter vegetable that grows well in a polytunnel. Young leaves are ready for harvesting four weeks after planting.

Growing rocket

Growing rocket in a polytunnel is an excellent way to extend your growing season. This hardy perennial grows to 20cm, has a peppery, hot flavour and sends up flower stems. It is a popular culinary plant but can also be grown all year round. It is easy to germinate and grows quickly. Within a few weeks, you will be harvesting thick, prolific greens.

A polytunnel is a great way to extend the growing season in winter and spring. You can plant annual vegetables and herbs in them and harvest them later. In addition, polytunnels are great for propagating plants. You can start your plants in a container in early May and move them into the polytunnel in mid-summer.

Growing peas

Peas grow well in a polytunnel, but there are some things you need to keep in mind. They require ample lighting and ventilation, and they must be supported well. A sturdy trellis, frame, or fence can provide these things. Peas can also be grown in containers and can be planted on sunny balcony rails.

To grow peas and beans in a polytunnel in winter, start them early in the autumn. If you start planting in the spring, they will not survive the winter. However, if you start planting in the autumn, you can use the same spacing and temperature as you would when they are planted in the spring.