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What Is The Best Polytunnel Cover?

What Is The Best Polytunnel Cover

Whether you’re looking to grow fruit and vegetables or just need to store your plants, it’s important to find the right polytunnel cover for your needs. The type of cover you choose will have an impact on the amount of light your plants get, the size of your plants, and even the level of humidity.


Having a polytunnel is a must if you have a small patch of land in your back garden. It will help increase your crop yield and give your plants better comfort. It will also help with pest control. You may also want to think about providing your plants with some basic frost protection. This may be a good idea if you live in an area where winters are long and cold.

A polytunnel is a lot easier to build than a conventional garden shed. There are many companies that manufacture polytunnels. Some of them, like Robinson Polytunnels, are new entrants into the market. However, they have taken the best features of commercial polytunnels and applied them to their own products.

Robinsons Polytunnel has a site that is cluttered free, but still easy to navigate. Their site is also filled with clear instructions and videos. They even have an impressive video explaining the construction process in detail.

Northern Polytunnels

Amongst polytunnel manufacturers, Northern Polytunnel have a proven track record for their ability to construct quality polytunnels. They use state of the art computer assisted design techniques to build their polytunnels. They also boast a lifetime guarantee against corrosion. Their anchoring system is by far the strongest on the market.

Their foundation tubes are made from 3.5mm thick tubing and feature a screw fix anchoring system. This means that you don’t need to dig up any of your soil to secure your new tunnel. This is great news if you have a tight budget.

They also have a reputable website which features a good ordering system. It also has a handy video of the whole construction process.

Unlike other polytunnel manufacturers, they don’t have too many adverts to block the view of the garden centre’s window. This means that you can get an excellent quality product without a premium.

The smallest of their polytunnels measures 3m x 6m, which is slightly bigger than the average amateur’s polytunnel. It also comes with a handy end door with handle, and a roller side venting system on both sides.

First Tunnels

Whether you’re after a domestic or commercial polytunnel, First Tunnels will have a product to suit your needs. All their polytunnel covers are made with the best materials, and are designed to provide excellent weather resistance.

Their cover range is made with a durable, smart white polythene. They are available in a variety of sizes, and are perfect for replacements. They’re also designed to provide ideal climate control for your crops.

Their Polytunnel Cover is backed by a 5-year guarantee. It’s designed to be sturdy and durable, and to provide optimal light diffusion.

In addition, it is made from plastic, which means that it is relatively inexpensive. However, it will degrade after a few years, and it may transmit 45% of sunlight. It’s also possible that the plastic cover will break when bent too much. If you want a longer lasting cover, you’ll have to purchase segments directly from the manufacturer.

First Tunnels’ Polytunnel covers are made from polythene, which is known for its weather resistant properties. It’s also made from the same skin used in full-sized tunnels, and is guaranteed for five years.

Foil tunnels

Having a foil tunnel for your garden is becoming more and more popular. It offers a safe and stable structure for your plants. It is also very inexpensive to produce. However, it is very important to select the right one for your needs. There are several factors that you should consider.

The most commonly sold foil cover is the Tunnel foil. It is easy to use and install. It has a polythene cover that is green on one side and white on the other. The cover is fastened with a snap. It is also available in a roll-up form.

In addition, the PE foil cover is waterproof and UV-resistant. It has two strong zippers on the sides. It is also tensile-resistant. This cover is designed for use in greenhouses, mushroom houses, and livestock structures.

Aside from the PE foil cover, other types of covers are available. They include Woven foil, ROMI(r) START UP film tunnel, and Powerflex Foil System.