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Polytunnel Or Greenhouse – Which Is Better?

Which Is Better Polytunnel Or Greenhouse

A polytunnel is a much larger structure than a greenhouse, and can be used for growing more crops than you could do outside. This type of structure can extend the growing season so you can grow more varieties of crops throughout the year. It is also cheaper and easier to erect than a greenhouse.

Polytunnels are more durable and weather-resistant than greenhouses

A polytunnel is a semi-circular structure with a metal or PVC frame that is covered in durable plastic. These structures are more weather-resistant and durable than greenhouses, and are also more affordable than comparable-sized greenhouses. Polytunnels are useful for a variety of purposes, from growing vegetables and flowers to housing animals and planes.

Planting vegetables in a polytunnel is more efficient than growing them in a greenhouse. For example, you can grow spinach in autumn, which will produce leafy greens in early spring. Another great vegetable to grow in a polytunnel in the winter is chard. Although chard is not usually associated with a greenhouse, it is a hardy perennial and thrives in a polytunnel environment.

The best polytunnel covers are those made from polythene. This material is more durable and won’t split or peel away. Polythene covers are generally guaranteed for at least five years. Ideally, a polytunnel cover will last eight years. If your polytunnel covers are damaged, you should get replacements immediately. In some cases, small tears can be fixed with tape.

Another advantage of polytunnels is that they are more resistant to harsh weather. They can even get hotter than the temperature outside. If you live in a hot climate, you can choose a polytunnel with shading paint to keep the air cooler. But be sure to check the temperature and humidity levels inside the polytunnel. A polytunnel that is too hot can cause scorching on your plants.

They are cheaper

The cost of a polytunnel is much lower than that of a greenhouse. They are also far larger and can grow a number of crops to maturity. This allows you to grow more crops than you could outdoors and extend your growing season. For those who don’t have a large garden, a polytunnel is an excellent solution.

Another advantage of polytunnels is that they are more flexible. Compared to a greenhouse, a polytunnel is easy to reposition and allows for more versatility. In addition, a polytunnel can be set up directly on the ground.

Polytunnels are ideal for growing vegetables and fruits. You can plant and harvest your crops all year long without the worry of rain or frost. A polytunnel also keeps out weed seeds and other unwanted plants. Polytunnels are also great for growing plants that can’t survive in a normal garden.

Polytunnels can be built very cheaply and are readily available from garden centres. To make a polytunnel, you can use bamboo poles tied together or old tent poles. To make it stronger, you can use plastic sheeting. Once the polytunnel is up and running, you can then scale up to larger structures if you need more space.

A polytunnel is also cheaper to build than a greenhouse. If you plan to build a larger greenhouse or polytunnel, you should seek planning permission. You can buy a polytunnel or greenhouse online or in your local garden centre. You can also search freebie sites and classified ads to find a greenhouse or polytunnel at a lower price.