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How Much Is A Poly Tunnel?

How Much Is A Poly Tunnel

If you are interested in building a polytunnel, you may be wondering how much it will cost. There are many factors to consider, including size, construction time, and ongoing maintenance. The postcodes of interested parties can be entered into a website to find a professional who offers quotes in your area.

Sizes available

Polytunnels are available in various sizes. Larger polytunnels provide more planting space than smaller tunnels. Small tunnels can be purchased online for less than $100. But their lifespan is not guaranteed. Larger polytunnels are durable and long lasting. They can last up to thirteen years.

A polytunnel is an effective way to protect crops from the weather and extend the growing season. It also makes it possible to grow more crops during autumn, winter, and early spring. Some models even feature kits that let you meter liquid fertilizers into your irrigation water. Polytunnels are a good choice for people with limited space because they are less expensive than greenhouses.

A polytunnel has a steel frame and a polythene covering. Traditionally, polytunnels are curved but there are also straight-sided models. A polytunnel protects plants from the weather and provides a comfortable climate inside.

Construction time

Setting up a polytunnel requires a certain amount of time. Although the process isn’t complicated, it does require some effort. It’s not rocket science, so even the most novice DIY enthusiast can successfully erect a polytunnel. And you can enjoy the process while doing it.

The first step is to prepare the ground. This will prevent water from seeping in and causing puddles or empty pockets. You can either drill holes in the ground or use pegs. Alternatively, you can buy pre-fabricated polytunnels that include the foundation tubes. If the latter isn’t an option, you can also cut offcuts from mains water pipes or scaffolding poles. Either way, it’s important to have a level base.

If you don’t want to use a concrete base, you can use a wooden base rail instead. This will prevent water from seeping in and make the structure more durable. You can even bolt the wooden base rail to the foundation tubes.


To increase the life of your poly tunnel, it’s important to perform regular maintenance. The main priority is to keep it free of debris. Snow can accumulate on the roof and sides, so it’s important to remove this snow with a soft brush. Occasionally, you may even need to tap the roof to push the snow to the floor. By following these maintenance tips, your poly tunnel will last for years.

Regularly clean the walls of your polytunnel with a soft brush soaked in warm soapy water. A stiff brush is also useful, as is an old sheet soaked in warm water. Also, remember to clean trays and pots with a stiff brush soaked in warm soapy water. After cleaning them, lay them outside to dry.