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Can You Grow Potatoes In A Polytunnel?

Can You Grow Potatoes In A Polytunnel

Potatoes are a great crop to grow in a polytunnel, but they can be tricky to grow. Fortunately, there are several tips to help you grow the perfect potato crop. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned grower, these tips can help you start growing potatoes in a polytunnel in no time.


Potatoes are an important crop in the garden, and while they take up a lot of space, they pack a big punch in taste and texture. For this reason, many people choose to grow them in polytunnels. However, there are other factors that should be considered before growing potatoes in a polytunnel. For example, soil type, temperature, pest and disease control, and cultivation care should all be considered before planting.

Potatoes are best planted in February, in a flat raised bed at least 18″ apart. The plants should not be disturbed at this stage, as this may set them back several weeks.


Nicky Kyle’s early potatoes are destined for the polytunnel, where they are expected to be harvested in the spring. The seed potatoes have started to grow into shoots that are three to four inches long. However, conventional gardening wisdom says that seed potatoes shouldn’t grow any longer than an inch.

Potatoes do not like warm weather, so you need to protect your crops from it. You can mulch your potatoes to protect them from the heat and also to retain moisture. Also, make sure that you water your potatoes at the same time every day. Potatoes will not grow well if the soil is dry, so be consistent with the watering regime. Also, ensure that the soil is loose and does not become compact – a compact soil makes it difficult to dig the potatoes, and can cause them to become bitter.

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When it comes to growing potatoes in a polytunnel, the key factors are temperature and the preparation of the ground. Other factors to take into account include pest and disease control and care of the plants. It is not advisable to grow more than two potatoes per polytunnel.

Ideally, you should start planting potatoes in February. You should space them around 18″ apart, and do not disturb them at this stage. This is because if you disturb the plants, they can be set back several weeks.

Time to start hilling

After the potato plants have been planted, it’s time to start hilling. This involves loosening the soil around the vines and deeply embedding the roots in cooler ground. The first hilling should cover the top leaves of the potatoes, but leave room for the roots to grow below. A second hilling will be required a couple of weeks later, and will add an extra two to four inches of soil.

Potato hilling can be tricky, but you can use staging to get the best results. The potatoes should be planted 30cm apart, and 12cm deep. In a polytunnel, you can plant up to two rows, 60cm apart. Potatoes are best grown in the ground, but they also grow well in large pots and bags.

Tips to protect from late frosts

Late frosts can damage your potatoes, particularly those in a polytunnel. This can happen well into the spring in northern areas of the UK, so you must take steps to protect your plants from this problem. One way to do this is to cover the tubers with a cloche or cover the growing stems with organic mulch.

Keeping your potatoes covered is a good way to protect them from late frosts. If you are growing them in a container, you should water them well once the compost has formed. You may also want to place them in a greenhouse to allow them to shoot, and then move them outdoors as soon as the last frost has passed. You may also wish to cover your potatoes with fleece in the winter months, which will prevent frost damage.

Is it worth growing potatoes in a polytunnel

While it’s possible to grow potatoes in a polytunneling, you must keep a few things in mind before starting this crop. Firstly, potatoes need a lot of space. This means that you should plant them around 30cm apart and 12cm deep. You should also leave about 60cm between rows.

You should start planting your potatoes in your polytunnel from February. You should leave about 18 inches between each potato plant. You should also make sure not to disturb them at this stage as this will set them back several weeks.