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Can You Grow Cucumbers In A Polytunnel?

Can You Grow Cucumbers In A Polytunnel

Cucumbers love humidity and need a humid climate to thrive. Cucumbers also need a good structure to train and a decent amount of watering. Ideally, you will want to harvest your cucumbers when they are six inches in diameter. After that, the plants will continue to crop all season.

Growing cucumbers in a polytunnel

Growing cucumbers in a polytunnelly is a good idea for gardeners living in colder parts of the UK. The temperature in this enclosed space is perfect for growing cucumbers and the plants don’t need pollinating. You can use a door that opens at one end to allow the plants to grow out and shade netting to protect them from the sun. Seedlings should be planted about two inches deep in pots of eightcm in diameter and buried just enough to prevent weeds. The seedlings should be watered regularly and weed-free. You can also increase the heat level by wrapping the pots with bubble wrap or misting them with water. The stems of cucumbers will need support – you can use bamboo canes or netting. You need to feed them regularly, as cucumber

The trellising used for cucumbers is made of wire mesh or plastic netting. You can tie the netting to support posts and let the plant grow up it. The use of trellising prevents yellow ground spots and allows for plenty of airflow throughout the planting area, which can also help prevent certain diseases.

Soil requirements

Cucumbers require a balanced soil with lots of organic matter. This will make the plant resilient to disease and pests. Cucumbers also prefer soil that is moist, but not soggy. Therefore, it is important to water the plants regularly and at the right time. To help the plant maintain its moisture level, you can install a watering path.

Cucumbers should be planted at a depth of about six inches. This will ensure that the roots don’t dry out and are not exposed to cold or boggy conditions. The compost level should be approximately the same level as the surrounding soil. The plants will continue to produce throughout the growing season if they’re properly nurtured.


Cucumbers grow best in a warm and humid environment, so if you’re looking for a low-maintenance growing method, a polytunnel could be the ideal solution. Cucumbers can be planted at any time of year, and planting them in a mini polytunnel will protect them from pests and bad weather. Growing cucumbers in a polytunnels ensures you have a steady supply of cucumbers throughout the season.

Various diseases and pests can attack your cucumbers, and you will need to monitor them closely to prevent them from suffering. Cucumbers are especially susceptible to Cucumber Mosaic Virus, which causes the leaves to turn rusty and can spread via burning affected leaves. Another pest to watch out for is whiteflies, which can damage your cucumber plants. To protect your plants from these pests, use organic pesticides.


To grow cucumbers in a polytunnels, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, make sure that the soil is moist. Cucumbers need a lot of water. Depending on the variety and type, they can need as much as 2.5-4 litres of water per square meter. It is important to remember that cucumbers do not cope well with irregular watering. Make sure that you water cucumbers in a slow and even manner. Also, make sure that the water is lukewarm as cold water can cause the plants to die.

Once planted, cucumber plants should be hung up using thick cotton or nylon ropes. It is important to remember to water the cucumbers regularly and not let the soil become too boggy. If they are allowed to dry out, the cucumbers will become bitter. The best time to harvest cucumbers is when they are about 6 inches long. If you want to have a continuous crop throughout the growing season, it is best to plant cucumbers in a polytunnel.


Cucumbers have shallow roots and require plenty of moisture to grow and develop. The right amount of watering at different stages will ensure a high yield and quality fruit. If the ground becomes too dry, cucumber plants may become diseased and the fruit will be unappealing.

Cucumbers can be harvested as early as two weeks before they turn yellow. You can also harvest them as soon as the ridges have filled and they are of a desired size. For European varieties, you can harvest them when they are about 12 inches long. Using scissors, cut the cucumbers once they have reached their desired length. Ensure that you don’t bruise the fruit while picking.

Cucumbers need good air circulation to avoid diseases such as powdery mildew. They may also develop foot or root crops if they are waterlogged. You can avoid these problems by ensuring that the polytunnel has adequate ventilation.