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How to find peace, truth, and the authentic you in healing the stories we've adopted within the stillness and silence.

ego-needs-misery-zenIt is said that the greatest battle you will ever face is not waged on a battlefield, but inside of your own mind. To be more specific: a battle between your “true self” and your “ego”. You currently think who you are is really you, but it is not. It is merely an illusion of the ego, […]

I almost never write posts about current events, but the reaction to the interview with Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries has me a bit fired up. If you’re not aware, he said some pretty wild things about his marketing approach that got a lot of people fired up as well – and for good reason. The backlash, however […]

When we typically think about “being excited”, it’s a good thing right? If somebody where to tell you that getting excited wasn’t particularly the best way to go about anticipating something, you’d likely think they were a grumpy sourpuss that was here to devour your happiness. And your soul. If myself, Mr. Focus-On-What-You-Want-Positive-Pants, told you that “getting […]

Have you ever met somebody who loved arguing or debating with you, if even simply for the joy of it? Somebody that will purposely go out of their way to prove a point or defend their position to extremes, or even impose their views as law? Or somebody that feels it’s their duty to go around […]

Most people in the world are under the spell of a dualistic world: good vs evil, right vs wrong, light vs dark, male vs female, etc. While this way of thinking makes for incredible stories and evokes powerful responses, seeing the world and all experiences through this filter causes much suffering for most of humanity due […]

What we wish to seek peace with in the world, we must first come to peace with in ourselves.

Who’s in control of your life? A simple question with a not so simple answer. I ask you to take a look at how you live your life, how you interpret the events of the day, and how you choose to respond to them. Are you simply reacting as a knee-jerk response? Or are you consciously choosing how to react? […]

How to use the Buddhist zen mind beginner's mind to overcome the learning block that results from the phrase "I know".

There are different levels (or types) of awareness that I find are needed in order to master life. Without awareness, we can’t even start to solve any problems we have because you don’t know what you don’t know. Once one becomes aware, then one can do something about it, and that awareness is already half the […]

If you want to become whole, first let yourself become broken.If you want to become straight, first let yourself become twisted.If you want to become full, first let yourself become empty.If you want to become new, first let yourself become old.Those whose desires are few gets them, those whose desires are great go astray. For this reason the Master embraces […]

The Four Agreements SummaryThe Four Agreements are a simple set of agreements we enter into as we penetrate the world with our heart and live with integrity. This is a simple summary and reminder for those familiar with, and hopefully a tasty appetizer, for those who aren't.

Which way are you turning it?What do showers have to do with making the right choices? Its about balancing and contrasting the turning ups with the turning downs of everything in your life.