Articles on “Theory”

Have you ever struggled in life, and wondered if life was really supposed to be hard? Maybe you’ve also heard how life should be easy and effortless. Wait, huh… what’s the deal? Do we have to struggle, or can life flow smoothly? As my mom would say “make up my mind!” If so, how do […]

One of the greatest and seemingly paradoxical ideas that perplexes many of the logical, left-brained thinkers, is that of believing something before seeing the physical proof of it. The idea that believing is seeing, rather than seeing is believing. I’m not talking about blind faith perpetuated by dogma that doesn’t seem to makes sense to […]

When we typically think about “being excited”, it’s a good thing right? If somebody where to tell you that getting excited wasn’t particularly the best way to go about anticipating something, you’d likely think they were a grumpy sourpuss that was here to devour your happiness. And your soul. If myself, Mr. Focus-On-What-You-Want-Positive-Pants, told you that “getting […]

Growing up there are constantly new experiences where we realize — or rather, decide — where we stand in relationship to them. We go to school for the first time and we’re either outgoing or shy. We go to ask out parents for a new toy and they either say yes or no (we are, or […]

Most people in the world are under the spell of a dualistic world: good vs evil, right vs wrong, light vs dark, male vs female, etc. While this way of thinking makes for incredible stories and evokes powerful responses, seeing the world and all experiences through this filter causes much suffering for most of humanity due […]

In this video I talk about the lie of scarcity. The illusion of scarcity is used to keep the masses in fear, thus more easily controlled and manipulated. The truth is, it doesn’t really exist. If you think it does, that’s because it only exists because you believe it, which in turn, causes you to find […]

In this video, I share a perspective and metaphor on how to deal with being in a relationship with somebody else who’s on difference “levels” as you. The key focus is to not look for the same place of growth, but the same pace of growth. Find somebody who’s growing at a similar pace as you, rather than trying […]

Manifest faster and attract your desires quickerThis is how you can accelerate your manifestation speed when using the Law of Attraction with these simple concepts of momentum.

Inspired by a random stranger telling me he was living “just another day in paradise” while on a road trip to Southern California, I filmed this video spontaneously to talk about what paradise is to each of us. Paradise to you is probably totally different than paradise to me or your friends. So how can we discover what […]

Remember the days before Christmas or your birthday as a little kid, how excited you were knowing there would be presents for you the next day? Or even every night going to bed, knowing the sun will rise tomorrow and you plan on living another day?These are states of expectance, and are very powerful in manifesting […]

To most people, including myself, the idea of being rich with money and material possessions tends to be what first pops into our minds when we think of wealth. Exotic luxury super cars stockpiled in 6‑car garages with that new car smell still filling your nostrils every time you open the door. Private yacht trips […]

This Polyman TV episode is a review and basic overview of what a Polyman is and where the word came from. I talk about why I came up with the word and why becoming a polyman is important to me, as well as the purpose of this blog and video series aka the whole Polyman Project. While the original article […]

Belief is allowance, not cause - allow yourself to believeBelieving in something isn't what causes it to work; it's simply removing, or the lack of, resistance to allowing it to work as it should.

An explain of duality and it's purpose, along with an easy way to transcend a dualistic mindset for reducing judgement and attachment.

There are the 23 biggest lessons I've learned while I was 23. Everything from spiritual, to health, to political, to sex, drugs, yoga, and modeling - there's something here everyone can learn from and relate to.

Spider-Man: Strength vs PowerStrength vs power, and a totally different take on what it means for you as a man. Potential and kinetic, capacity and ability, and all sorts of other semi-theoretical nonsense that will actually mean something after you read this now. Hopefully.

Da Vinci - Vitruve Luc ViatourThe definitive answer to the question: "what is a polyman?" This is the true origin of the word 'polyman'; including inspiration, what it means, and where it comes from (etymology). It describes why so many guys don't know how to be a real man, and how this rare breed of man is different.