Articles on “Spirituality”

struggle-risk-success-journeyCan we be honest for a second here folks? I know many of you are on a similar path as me, and I just have to take a step back and illustrate how courageous, crazy, and out of our minds we all are. And the truth is, most of us will NOT reach insanely high levels of success, influence, and prosperity (AKA […]

reality-worlds-despair-positiveI have always had a problem fitting in, ever since I was 4 years old, whipping it out to take a leak on a tree in the back yard of my preschool. I think ever since then I’ve had problems with authority. Go figure. Now, I live in my own world – not a bubble of fantasy or delusion – but a reality. I live […]

What if there was a sexual philosophy that brought together all the schools of thought, and provided you with an empowering way to have the most passionate, fulfilling, spiritual, dirty, sexy, kinky, and liberating sex possible? How would your entire life change if you were able to conquer your fears, overcome your insecurities, release your shame […]

ego-needs-misery-zenIt is said that the greatest battle you will ever face is not waged on a battlefield, but inside of your own mind. To be more specific: a battle between your “true self” and your “ego”. You currently think who you are is really you, but it is not. It is merely an illusion of the ego, […]

Unlike myself, and perhaps many adults, the love of a young child is unconditional. The only reason it needs to love you, is because it does. An infant is so close to the source of its creation, that all it remembers is pure love; this is why we can only see innocence and joy in a baby’s […]

Grand Canyon Colorado River. Or the separation between ourselves.There’s an amazingly simple law of power that states: “a group is easier controlled and suppressed when it is divided”. This is the more evolved take on the classic “divide & conquer” military strategy. Whether or not you realize it, or whether or not the people propagating it are doing it out of malice, the whole […]