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Sometimes it’s better not to try and “make something” out of everything. A few weeks ago I went out to lunch at a trendy health food cafe which I frequent here in California. As I made my way around to find a table to dine at, I saw a super cute girl eating at a huge table by herself. Also about to occupy a 4 […]

I am the kinda guy that can be doing nothing and still have an amazing time with somebody (even my imaginary friends). So for me, anything we do can be a blast. I texted this girl to get together yesterday, and while happy to do so, she  asks “what are we going to do?” Now there are […]

Growing up there are constantly new experiences where we realize — or rather, decide — where we stand in relationship to them. We go to school for the first time and we’re either outgoing or shy. We go to ask out parents for a new toy and they either say yes or no (we are, or […]

The factual statistics that the average American spends 33 hours a week watching TV, then put into a greater perspective on how television is literally sucking people's life away.

Belief is allowance, not cause - allow yourself to believeBelieving in something isn't what causes it to work; it's simply removing, or the lack of, resistance to allowing it to work as it should.

20110909-011323.jpgWilliam Pryor Letchworth was a man of character; following some of his simple rules of conduct will aid you in following your own principles.

If you want to become whole, first let yourself become broken.If you want to become straight, first let yourself become twisted.If you want to become full, first let yourself become empty.If you want to become new, first let yourself become old.Those whose desires are few gets them, those whose desires are great go astray. For this reason the Master embraces […]

Which way are you turning it?What do showers have to do with making the right choices? Its about balancing and contrasting the turning ups with the turning downs of everything in your life.

It's time to burn your ships and win!The biggest reason to burn your ships and never look back. Simple and effective (hopefully).