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In this video I talk about the lie of scarcity. The illusion of scarcity is used to keep the masses in fear, thus more easily controlled and manipulated. The truth is, it doesn’t really exist. If you think it does, that’s because it only exists because you believe it, which in turn, causes you to find […]

What’s the best investment you could ever make? Real estate? Cars? Stocks? Gold? Strippers? None of the above (well, maybe that last one). The best investment has nothing to do with what goes on in the world. In this video i describe what an asset and an expense is, and the true best investment that will […]

In this video, I talk about the difference between gratitude and appreciation. Wait, aren’t they basically the same thing?! Mostly, yes. But there is a difference, and it could be just the difference that pushes you over the top on feeling great and releasing your old stories. While both super high vibration feelings, appreciation is just a tad […]

In this video, I share a perspective and metaphor on how to deal with being in a relationship with somebody else who’s on difference “levels” as you. The key focus is to not look for the same place of growth, but the same pace of growth. Find somebody who’s growing at a similar pace as you, rather than trying […]

Inspired by a random stranger telling me he was living “just another day in paradise” while on a road trip to Southern California, I filmed this video spontaneously to talk about what paradise is to each of us. Paradise to you is probably totally different than paradise to me or your friends. So how can we discover what […]

In this video I wanted to simply get into the flow and spontaneously say all the things I’m currently feeling gratitude and appreciation for. Abraham-Hicks refers to this as a “rampage of appreciation”. The concept is simple: get into a state of appreciation and just start going off on all the things you’re grateful for. So, that’s […]

Have you ever wondered why you’ve been unable to breakthrough a certain “ceiling” or barrier, faced disappointment or struggle time after time, or even why other people in the same situation were happier and more successful than you? Or how about continually getting what you don’t want after fighting against it so much? Well I have almost every day, and a few […]

Remember the days before Christmas or your birthday as a little kid, how excited you were knowing there would be presents for you the next day? Or even every night going to bed, knowing the sun will rise tomorrow and you plan on living another day?These are states of expectance, and are very powerful in manifesting […]

Who’s in control of your life? A simple question with a not so simple answer. I ask you to take a look at how you live your life, how you interpret the events of the day, and how you choose to respond to them. Are you simply reacting as a knee-jerk response? Or are you consciously choosing how to react? […]

Focus on what you want, what you resist persists.Being able to focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want, is one of the most fundamental abilities one can ever master. In fact, I have to say it just might be the first or second most crucial skills to master in life, as it’s the foundation of all happiness and success. In […]

Organic Natural Lip BalmWhile I understand not everybody uses lip balm, it’s important to know what goes on your skin (even if it’s a simple kiss from somebody else). In this video I talk about the kind of lip balm I use right now: Pangea Organics Pyrenees Lavender With Cardamon. I also recommend Burt’s Bees and Badger Organic Lip Balm made with cocoa […]

There are different levels (or types) of awareness that I find are needed in order to master life. Without awareness, we can’t even start to solve any problems we have because you don’t know what you don’t know. Once one becomes aware, then one can do something about it, and that awareness is already half the […]

To most people, including myself, the idea of being rich with money and material possessions tends to be what first pops into our minds when we think of wealth. Exotic luxury super cars stockpiled in 6‑car garages with that new car smell still filling your nostrils every time you open the door. Private yacht trips […]

This Polyman TV episode is a review and basic overview of what a Polyman is and where the word came from. I talk about why I came up with the word and why becoming a polyman is important to me, as well as the purpose of this blog and video series aka the whole Polyman Project. While the original article […]

Wow, so after getting some really good feedback on my first video, realizing I wasn’t communicating what I wanted in it, and becoming aware of some of my own faults and insecurities, I took a few hours to do some introspection and figure out what was going on inside. After doing some TECM (Total Emotional Congruency Method — an […]

It is with great excitement that I introduce the first episode of Polyman TV! I’ve been in the process of  studying, researching, purchasing, testing, filming, and editing for the past 2 months everything I needed to in order for this moment to come true. A lot of planning and testing work went into the setup of this show… and […]