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Have you ever struggled in life, and wondered if life was really supposed to be hard? Maybe you’ve also heard how life should be easy and effortless. Wait, huh… what’s the deal? Do we have to struggle, or can life flow smoothly? As my mom would say “make up my mind!” If so, how do […]

What if there was a sexual philosophy that brought together all the schools of thought, and provided you with an empowering way to have the most passionate, fulfilling, spiritual, dirty, sexy, kinky, and liberating sex possible? How would your entire life change if you were able to conquer your fears, overcome your insecurities, release your shame […]

People think I’m arrogant or pompous when I say I really don’t care about most of your opinions about what I’m doing – or about anything really. Yes, that’s blunt; but no, it’s not rude. The truth is, most people on social media or any form of commentary usually ask for other’s opinions for validation or to […]

We live in a society that encourages victimhood. A place where nothing’s your fault and you can sue anybody over anything. A land where life happens to you, not because of you. An imaginary world where there’s nothing you can do about anything, so just throw your hands up and give in to the inevitable misery of life. […]

One of the greatest and seemingly paradoxical ideas that perplexes many of the logical, left-brained thinkers, is that of believing something before seeing the physical proof of it. The idea that believing is seeing, rather than seeing is believing. I’m not talking about blind faith perpetuated by dogma that doesn’t seem to makes sense to […]

How amazing would it be to find the perfect partner to spend your life with (or at least a long while), in absolute bliss? It’s not going to happen by some movie-moment magical events, so let me show you how you can take your love life into your own hands. This post is in response to […]

Remember when Facebook introduced the “like” button? Long time ago, aye. Do you remember the masses throwing a fit because there was no equivalent “dislike” button… or have you ever wondered that yourself — why there’s only a “like” button? Well, regardless of their political ties, business practices, or success, this little feature of Facebook (or […]

What we wish to seek peace with in the world, we must first come to peace with in ourselves.

This is one my most darkest and vulnerable posts I’ve ever written. It exposes all of my current flaws and failures that I’m afraid to even admit, even though I know better. This is obviously a once or twice in a lifetime post, as the issues I’m about to share pale in comparison to all the good things […]

In this video I talk about the lie of scarcity. The illusion of scarcity is used to keep the masses in fear, thus more easily controlled and manipulated. The truth is, it doesn’t really exist. If you think it does, that’s because it only exists because you believe it, which in turn, causes you to find […]

In this video, I talk about the difference between gratitude and appreciation. Wait, aren’t they basically the same thing?! Mostly, yes. But there is a difference, and it could be just the difference that pushes you over the top on feeling great and releasing your old stories. While both super high vibration feelings, appreciation is just a tad […]

Manifest faster and attract your desires quickerThis is how you can accelerate your manifestation speed when using the Law of Attraction with these simple concepts of momentum.

In this video I wanted to simply get into the flow and spontaneously say all the things I’m currently feeling gratitude and appreciation for. Abraham-Hicks refers to this as a “rampage of appreciation”. The concept is simple: get into a state of appreciation and just start going off on all the things you’re grateful for. So, that’s […]

Remember the days before Christmas or your birthday as a little kid, how excited you were knowing there would be presents for you the next day? Or even every night going to bed, knowing the sun will rise tomorrow and you plan on living another day?These are states of expectance, and are very powerful in manifesting […]

Focus on what you want, what you resist persists.Being able to focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want, is one of the most fundamental abilities one can ever master. In fact, I have to say it just might be the first or second most crucial skills to master in life, as it’s the foundation of all happiness and success. In […]

Flower Power - The Real World Is Failing, But Don't Fight ItMy manifesto for 2012 on the absurdity of using fear & guilt to improve or control people, and how backwards the "real world" really is.

Belief is allowance, not cause - allow yourself to believeBelieving in something isn't what causes it to work; it's simply removing, or the lack of, resistance to allowing it to work as it should.

Ask and the world is givenStop asking and start demanding. Ask and it is given, but you have to expect it and know you deserve everything you want.