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Have you ever struggled in life, and wondered if life was really supposed to be hard? Maybe you’ve also heard how life should be easy and effortless. Wait, huh… what’s the deal? Do we have to struggle, or can life flow smoothly? As my mom would say “make up my mind!” If so, how do […]

I will admit it – I have a habit of comparing myself to others. Some of the time it’s against people that are more successful than me, and other times it’s with people less successful than me. But all of the time it makes me feel like shit – like shit for judging them and myself, or […]

failure-success-show-up-polymanIt doesn’t matter if you win, get rejected, or get hurt. Life is about showing up. While you’ll never fail if you never try, you’re also guaranteed to never win. Would you bail on working out if your trainer didn’t come? Would you still enjoy a dinner if your date flaked? Would you still make music […]

Are you afraid of commitment? No, I don’t mean relationships – I mean words. I’ve noticed that I have tended to use what I call “weak words” when setting plans, or even in telling a story in normal conversation. I’m not alone either – many people are afraid to commit to a specific time, leaving them off the hook if the […]

People think I’m arrogant or pompous when I say I really don’t care about most of your opinions about what I’m doing – or about anything really. Yes, that’s blunt; but no, it’s not rude. The truth is, most people on social media or any form of commentary usually ask for other’s opinions for validation or to […]

As I’ve been on the quest of writing my first book, I’ve been in search of ways to improve my writing. Generally speaking, most people have told me what and how I write is great; I’ve got years of reading, an English major for a father, and tad bit of training in clever linguistics to thank for […]

No responses from online dating? Attracting losers on POF, OKC, or Wondering where all the good men or women are in real life? Chances are you're either guilty of these 5 personality sins, or the people you're looking to date are. I've got the no-holding-back fixes and dating tips to change that.

When we typically think about “being excited”, it’s a good thing right? If somebody where to tell you that getting excited wasn’t particularly the best way to go about anticipating something, you’d likely think they were a grumpy sourpuss that was here to devour your happiness. And your soul. If myself, Mr. Focus-On-What-You-Want-Positive-Pants, told you that “getting […]

Remember when Facebook introduced the “like” button? Long time ago, aye. Do you remember the masses throwing a fit because there was no equivalent “dislike” button… or have you ever wondered that yourself — why there’s only a “like” button? Well, regardless of their political ties, business practices, or success, this little feature of Facebook (or […]

What’s the best investment you could ever make? Real estate? Cars? Stocks? Gold? Strippers? None of the above (well, maybe that last one). The best investment has nothing to do with what goes on in the world. In this video i describe what an asset and an expense is, and the true best investment that will […]

Manifest faster and attract your desires quickerThis is how you can accelerate your manifestation speed when using the Law of Attraction with these simple concepts of momentum.

Have you ever wondered why you’ve been unable to breakthrough a certain “ceiling” or barrier, faced disappointment or struggle time after time, or even why other people in the same situation were happier and more successful than you? Or how about continually getting what you don’t want after fighting against it so much? Well I have almost every day, and a few […]

Remember the days before Christmas or your birthday as a little kid, how excited you were knowing there would be presents for you the next day? Or even every night going to bed, knowing the sun will rise tomorrow and you plan on living another day?These are states of expectance, and are very powerful in manifesting […]

Who’s in control of your life? A simple question with a not so simple answer. I ask you to take a look at how you live your life, how you interpret the events of the day, and how you choose to respond to them. Are you simply reacting as a knee-jerk response? Or are you consciously choosing how to react? […]

The factual statistics that the average American spends 33 hours a week watching TV, then put into a greater perspective on how television is literally sucking people's life away.

Focus on what you want, what you resist persists.Being able to focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want, is one of the most fundamental abilities one can ever master. In fact, I have to say it just might be the first or second most crucial skills to master in life, as it’s the foundation of all happiness and success. In […]

How to use the Buddhist zen mind beginner's mind to overcome the learning block that results from the phrase "I know".

Ask and the world is givenStop asking and start demanding. Ask and it is given, but you have to expect it and know you deserve everything you want.

How I'm going to become a better "blogger" by destroying the unwritten rules I've set up for myself, and how you can to.

20110909-011323.jpgWilliam Pryor Letchworth was a man of character; following some of his simple rules of conduct will aid you in following your own principles.

Surviving vs Thriving - ExcellenceEver wonder how others can be thriving, while you seem to barely be "just getting by"? It just may have to do with who you surround yourself with, what you believe, and how willing you are to be at cause in life.

Ernie the bunny is passionate about lots of things, are you?There is a simple question to ask yourself when you're about to do anything that will improve the quality of your life, and lead to the kind of success and happiness everyone is looking for. Oh, and a story about a bunny too.

Setting GoalsWhy setting goals doesn't work (the reason isn't what you think). A little awareness on how a lot of people think just may be the secret to shifting your perspective and approach to goal setting. Hell, you may even learn how to enjoy the process itself.