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We live in a society that encourages victimhood. A place where nothing’s your fault and you can sue anybody over anything. A land where life happens to you, not because of you. An imaginary world where there’s nothing you can do about anything, so just throw your hands up and give in to the inevitable misery of life. […]

The other day I had a fascinating epiphany about the correlation between being a powerful alpha male/masculinity and being vulnerable. It actually reminded me of my foray into doing Polyman TV videos, and my second episode on “A Lesson in Vulnerability”. This aspect, being the tender and less glamourous side of the masculine discussion, rarely gets any attention […]

In this video, I talk about the difference between gratitude and appreciation. Wait, aren’t they basically the same thing?! Mostly, yes. But there is a difference, and it could be just the difference that pushes you over the top on feeling great and releasing your old stories. While both super high vibration feelings, appreciation is just a tad […]

There are different levels (or types) of awareness that I find are needed in order to master life. Without awareness, we can’t even start to solve any problems we have because you don’t know what you don’t know. Once one becomes aware, then one can do something about it, and that awareness is already half the […]

To most people, including myself, the idea of being rich with money and material possessions tends to be what first pops into our minds when we think of wealth. Exotic luxury super cars stockpiled in 6‑car garages with that new car smell still filling your nostrils every time you open the door. Private yacht trips […]

This Polyman TV episode is a review and basic overview of what a Polyman is and where the word came from. I talk about why I came up with the word and why becoming a polyman is important to me, as well as the purpose of this blog and video series aka the whole Polyman Project. While the original article […]

You're not who you think you are. I am.Is the "you" that everybody knows who you truly are? Or is it simply the result of unconscious accumulations of unresolved issues that you're not even aware of? Aim to live each day closer and closer to the real you.

An explain of duality and it's purpose, along with an easy way to transcend a dualistic mindset for reducing judgement and attachment.

Does your desire come from need or want?The power of desire coming from a place of strength, and how the difference between "want" and "need" can take the abundance of your desires to new heights. Relationships based in mutual options and want are more satisfying than those in need.

Spider-Man: Strength vs PowerStrength vs power, and a totally different take on what it means for you as a man. Potential and kinetic, capacity and ability, and all sorts of other semi-theoretical nonsense that will actually mean something after you read this now. Hopefully.

Da Vinci - Vitruve Luc ViatourThe definitive answer to the question: "what is a polyman?" This is the true origin of the word 'polyman'; including inspiration, what it means, and where it comes from (etymology). It describes why so many guys don't know how to be a real man, and how this rare breed of man is different.