It’s amazing what happens in stillness. In fact, everything we see in existence came from this still, silent place. The universe came to be by an explosion of consciousness from the stillness and silence of nothingness in space. Meditation brings about awareness and healing because it takes your mind and body to a place of stillness and silence, where new ideas or an observation of oneself is possible.

Think about it. Have you ever had an idea as you were nodding off to sleep? Doing nothing in the shower? Playing in the wild or surfing in the ocean?

Beyond creating space for new ideas, it also creates a space for whatever is currently happening behind the scenes in your life to play out.

Imagine being in a classical theater, high in the balcony overlooking an elaborate play on a magnificent stage. But rather than an audience that’s quietly watching, there’s an audience of hacklers, crying children, people talking on their cell phones, and  a few teenagers listening to music on their iPods. In this space, the play cannot be acted out. The actors can’t finish their lines and the show gets caught in a loop trying to get through different scenes.

One of the most powerful approaches I take with my clients is to create a space whereby their neurosis, insecurities, ticks, discomfort, and patterns of behavior – what I like to call “stories” – play out into awareness. In the silence of no talking, in the stillness of non-activity, my clients’ stories are forced to perform. I become fully present for them, yet still and silent.

Their fears of intimacy manifest. Their discomfort with being in their own body surfaces. Their insecurity of being judged plays out through their eye patterns. Their uncertainty of silence, fear of nothingness, and loneliness in not being engaged are exposed by their need to force a conversation or ask “What? What? Why are’t you talking? Say something! WHAT?!”

Being in this stillness and silence allows all our neurotic plays to be acted out – of course, if we allow them to fully play out. That’s where the healing takes place; when we can finally let all of those stories play out to the end, emerging into stillness and silence. No round of applause. No standing ovation. Just a silent finale after the frenzy of our inner chaos.

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What if there was a sexual philosophy that brought together all the schools of thought, and provided you with an empowering way to have the most passionate, fulfilling, spiritual, dirty, sexy, kinky, and liberating sex possible? How would your entire life change if you were able to conquer your fears, overcome your insecurities, release your shame and guilt, and free you from the opinions of others? Could you stop and imagine fulfilling all of your deepest and darkest fantasies in a way that was full of love, rather than fear or hate, and your partner thanking you for it?

Well, there is and I’ve created it just for you. Not only that, but it’s out today.

I’ve spent over 7 years learning a plethora of topics ranging from success, psychology, spirituality, seduction, relationships, masculinity, sexuality, romance, and dating. I’ve taken everything I’ve put into practical use and have real world experience in, distilled the more essential concepts, and created a course – nay, a philosophy – that presents the best of the best perspectives and frameworks around empowering conscious sex.

Introducing my first audio course, Holistic Sex: Merging The Dirty & The Divine.

I’ve taken the major concepts I teach men in my forthcoming book Become A Remarkable Lover and created a central philosophy that applies to men and women, singles or couples, gay or straight. A core set of ideas, approaches, and principles that empowers lovers to love without fear, dogma, shame, insecurity, and limitations. Holistic Sex is aptly named so because it is truly the first “holistic” approach to sex taught in a comprehensive course, encouraging satisfaction on all levels of our being.

I promise you will not find anything else out there like this, or else I wouldn’t have made it. I wouldn’t have taken months out of my life to pack this much value into 11 hours and 60 pages if there was already something that was teaching it – that’s not efficient or logical to me (you’ll actually learn about this trait in the course in the polarity section). This course is a necessity, for you and for the world.

Almost all the advice on sex only deals with the physical acts of sex… Holistic Sex deals with everything else. You already know enough techniques to physically create orgasms, and if you don’t, there’s 1000’s of books out there that will teach you how have incredible sex. What you DON’T have is the mindsets, beliefs, attitudes, perspectives, approaches, insights, reframes, and frameworks that support all those techniques.

Almost everything that makes you successful in the bedroom, has nothing to do with what you do in bed.

In this course, you will have massive breakthroughs. You will have paradigm shifts and “ah-ha!” moments – I guarantee it. This is an outline of what you’ll gain from going through the course:

  • Discover hidden blocks preventing you from happiness.
  • Overcome fears, insecurities, guilt, and shortcomings.
  • Explore kinks, fantasies, taboos, and dirty talk from love.
  • Create satisfying, authentic, and passionate intimacy.
  • Achieve sexual freedom, enlightenment, and fulfillment.

It includes over 2 gigs of context:

  • 11.4 hours of professionally mastered audio
  • 60-page PDF workbook
  • 23min HD Conditioning Clearer video
  • 6 Bonus interviews

In an age where anybody can create an “E‑Product”, I need to be frank about the quality of this course. This is not some ghetto-ass ebook thrown together at Starbucks. This is a professionally designed, recorded, mastered, written, and produced product of the utmost class, published through MetaHeal. In the coming months, it will be printed as a 12-disk physical product sold in the real world , so you’ll eventually be able to get your hands on it (literally).

But for now, I urge you to head on over to the launch page and check out the massive amount of stuff you get in the course (at a ridiculously good price). You’ll be able to download everything immediately, and get started on your deep transformation. I suggest acting now while the launch special price is still available, you don’t want to lose out on free cash and great sex would you?

Click the link to learn more for FREE: Holistic Sex

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Are you afraid of commitment? No, I don’t mean relationships – I mean words. I’ve noticed that I have tended to use what I call “weak words” when setting plans, or even in telling a story in normal conversation. I’m not alone either – many people are afraid to commit to a specific time, leaving them off the hook if the decide to not follow through later. It’s the same with details. Vague ideas have a lot of wiggle room to them, and thus their meaning can be easily adjusted later on.

This is really just about people not committing and taking ownership to their choices and opinions.

I noticed when I say things like “see you around 10ish”, what I’m really saying is “I’m unable to commit to an exact time, but I’ll try to see there within that time frame.” It would be much better to say simply “I can’t commit to a specific time, but you can expect me between 10 and 10:15” or to just commit to that time and arrive punctually.

When it comes to opinions, we often use weak words to not offend others. Things like “well, it’s kinda cool, but what if maybe do this instead?” are often said when we don’t really want or like it, but saying “no, I don’t like this” might offend the other. There’s a time and place for everything, but we definitely are watering down our message by speaking and writing like this.

The best way to change this is to simply omit the weak words from your life. After removing these words from your daily vocabulary, you will feel a lot of uneasiness in speaking without wishy-washy, wiggly, ambivalent language. You will find yourself speaking with much more attention, as if you’re a man of your word, you want to make sure you’re not making empty promises.

Our words have meaning. The language we use, whether you like it or rebel against it or not, has a direct impact on our lives. By speaking with more volition and specificity, we show up more congruently in our lives.

To do so is quite simple, albeit not always easy if you’re used to speaking sloppy and vaguely. Following the tips below, you can instantly change your language from weak to strong with little effort.

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Couple enjoying dinner

Sometimes it’s better not to try and “make something” out of everything. A few weeks ago I went out to lunch at a trendy health food cafe which I frequent here in California. As I made my way around to find a table to dine at, I saw a super cute girl eating at a huge table by herself. Also about to occupy a 4 person table alone, I made a playful joke about her doing so, and asked if I could join her.

She lit up.

Sure” she said, “I’m almost done, but you can sit here.”

We enjoyed a (partial) meal together, discussing silly random topics and conversations about nothing and anything. I asked her about her passion, and she told me she loved to paint, but it’s hard to make a living from it. Usually I’d go into “motivational coach mode”, but I simply empathized with her and urged her on to get back into it anyways.

Her lunch break was over and she said goodbye, barely exchanging first names before parting. She left and I finished my meal, seamlessly progressing to opening the pages of a new book I brought along. Half an hour later, I left the cafe, never to see or hear from her again. It felt great.

* * *

That’s it – yes, the entire story. No punch line, no epic conclusion; and therein lies the beauty.

There was a time before when doing such a simple, casual thing as this was unfathomable. The idea of approaching a girl and sitting with her for a meal seemed like a Hollywood fantasy. Years ago, there were all these mind games I played with myself about judgment, “appropriateness”, fear, rejection, etc. Weird feelings and incongruencies in my thoughts and behaviors were the norm, rather than just being present to whatever was happening.

Now, after many years of inner work, I see it simply as two people momentarily crossing paths and enjoying the company in the moment. An ephemeral rendezvous of two souls that just happen to be of the opposite sex, meeting in a moment to share a connection – even as shallow and fleeting as a single meal.

There was no desire to “close her” or forcing something more. No compulsion that I needed to give a bigger meaning to the interaction. No mind games that I’m a loser for not sleeping with her within an hour – I’ve done that, and have flushed out the need to prove that to myself. I am now free to be authentic in the moment, acting on impulse and genuine desire.

When you deal with people – in business, dating, or networking – lose the agendas and become open and unattached to outcomes. Of course you should still have an intent, but make it a win-win. People can sense agendas easily, especially when they’re manipulative or selfish. When you simply have an intent to “light up their day”, “have a blast pushing my comfort zone”, or “learn about somebody’s story”, you can still achieve something without making it an obsessive goal or beating yourself up over not making it happen.

Nothing has meaning until we give it one. Look around you – everything you see means something to you because you gave a meaning to it, whether you realize it or not. When you’re in situations, they are inherently meaningless. You can decide if the meaning is “This person is too pretty/cool/young/famous to eat with me, so I’d just make a fool of myself” or “This other human being is eating lunch alone, perhaps they’d enjoy another person’s company.”

Be present and explore each new situation as its own, unique moment. Everywhere you go can be an adventure: some end up steamy and others what I like to call “a learning experience”. Show up fully and take risks; you cannot be “rejected” unless you’re seeking approval. Just enjoy the world and the world enjoy you right back. When you can bring goodness into the world, there is no reason other good people won’t want to enjoy your company.

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I am the kinda guy that can be doing nothing and still have an amazing time with somebody (even my imaginary friends). So for me, anything we do can be a blast. I texted this girl to get together yesterday, and while happy to do so, she  asks “what are we going to do?” Now there are a billion things we can do, and rather than just pick something out of a magic hat, I felt like approaching the question in a more meaningful way.

I loathe mundane.

What I came up with is just a simple way to reframe the intent and the approach to planing dates. If you’re looking to add deeper meaning and even some spontaneity to your date ideas, read on.

1. What To Do?

Typically, we think about what we want to do when we get together: the activity, the place, the logistics, the outcome of events, etc. This approach gives us answers such as: bowling, dinner and movie, walking at the beach, having sex, making food, taking a trip, hiking, etc.

2. What To Experience?

Taking a leap to the next level – from predictable to interesting – is when we ask ourselves and/or our date “what would you like to experience?”. This gives us answers such as: the beauty of nature, an adrenaline rush, playing out a fantasy or sexual role-play, a new place, an adventure, a chilled laid back conversation, etc.

3. What To Feel?

Getting to the heart of all experiences, the feelings and emotions that we feel are really the point of everything we do. When we ask: “what do I want to feel tonight?” or “what would you like to feel tonight?” it points us to the emotional outcome first, and we can work backwards and find the activity and experience that could create those feelings. This would look like: happy, sexy and feminine, humorous bliss, challenged (pushed beyond my comfort zone), romantic, desired, loved and cherished, fun and playful, etc.

4. What To Be?

This one goes a little meta by asking us what kind of person we want to be tonight. Asking “who or what would you like to be tonight?” or “what kind of man do I want to show up as today?” are powerful questions. The answers from both you and your partner can look like this: “I want to be an exotic and luxurious femme fatale” or “I want to be a loving, feisty, and playfully adventurous leader tonight” or “let’s play a new role, such as a husband-wife, pilots, secret agents, or strangers” or even ” I want to play the feminine role tonight and you can play the masculine”.

These 4 different approaches to brainstorming date ideas provide an extra bit of creativity and purpose behind what you plan. If you’re wanting to play strangers that night, you can pick any place and drive there separately and act it out. If your partner wants to feel sexy and feminine, perhaps a night at the spa, followed by a surprise lingerie gift for the evening’s sultry ending. If you want to experience adventure, perhaps a date that involves extreme sports or a road trip into nature may be required. If you just want to go swimming, simply pick a pool or beach and you’re golden.

You can explicitly go through this with your partner to come up with ideas together, or use it yourself as you come up with ideas. If you have a good idea of the personality of your date, you can work backwards from “who she is”, and think about what experiences somebody like that would have, what kinds of feelings she would want to feel on a date, and a place or activity she would be thrilled about.

It’s not rocket science – it just takes a shift in perspective. Use this as a helpful (and fairly unique) method to approach planning the night… you just might really impress your date!

Let me know what you think or if you used this to come up with some really epic or successful date ideas in the comments below!

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It is said that the greatest battle you will ever face is not waged on a battlefield, but inside of your own mind. To be more specific: a battle between your “true self” and your “ego”. You currently think who you are is really you, but it is not. It is merely an illusion of the ego, and precisely what it would like you to believe. It is, however, not wise to battle what you believe is yourself and part of you.

Instead, by simply shining a light upon the practices of the ego that lead you to misery, you can understand the true motives for much of your discomforting thoughts and actions. By realizing that you’re doing miserable things because your ego is deceiving you (and ultimately not surveying your best interests), you can choose to know the truth about yourself and release the compulsive needs it burdens you with.

These needs of the ego arise from basic premises which it operates under, which however real they seem to your current perception of the world, are ultimately false. Understanding this alone will usher in great relief to many of the things causing your suffering.

Here are the ten compulsive needs of the ego at a glance:

  1. Need to connect
  2. Need for truth
  3. Need to control
  4. Need for identity
  5. Need for certainty
  6. Need to be right
  7. Need to make sense
  8. Need for justice
  9. Need for recognition
  10. Need to defend

These “needs” are what cause the compulsive reactions and behaviors that fuel the ego at the determinate to your happiness. You may feel “better” in the moment, but it’s just like a hit of heroin – the high is false and only lasts momentarily until you’re back for more. The ego has identified itself as you, so you may actually think these needs are what you really want. You may also feel attacked by this discussion of them, which is just a sign that you’ve equated the ego with yourself. If you realize that these false needs are never satisfied and only cause you pain, there is no way your true self would see them as true.

This is going to go pretty deep, and deep fast. Any resistance or weird feelings you feel while reading this simply means your ego is getting uncomfortable being exposed. I urge you to use this recognition as a sign of this truth, and to stay with it rather than turning away or attacking the ideas. This is not dogma, but an undoing of the unconscious dogma of your ego.

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Are you really asking for advice from the peanut gallery?

Are you really asking for advice from the peanut gallery?

People think I’m arrogant or pompous when I say I really don’t care about most of your opinions about what I’m doing – or about anything really. Yes, that’s blunt; but no, it’s not rude. The truth is, most people on social media or any form of commentary usually ask for other’s opinions for validation or to get them engaged. These are valid reasons, but realize it’s not because they actually care what you think. If you want to be happy and successful, you need to stop caring as well.

Ego Check

The first step is to check in with your ego. Make sure you’re not asking for others’ opinions to validate you or to seek an argument. Along with this, check to see how emotionally fired up about this you are. Chances are they aren’t happy emotions. Engaging in the opinions of random people about a topic your self-esteem, ego, and happiness is tied to is a recipe for disaster.

Just like news pundants who are strategically placed to cause emotional reactions in the viewer, evoking opinions out of a mass of people is a sure way to create chaos, confrontation, and debate – which are completely useless in solving anything and ego-driven. Often times, people see their opinion as “the truth”, and attempt to coerce others into seeing things their way, for no other reason but to make them more comfortable with their own beliefs.

Want proof? Take a look at almost any popular YouTube video or news blog comments section and 98% of it is a massive waste of energy – and that’s just reading them. Almost every single time I finish, I say “I can’t believe I just wasted 10 minutes of my life reading this crap” and I’m usually more upset after doing so.

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Photo credit:  nosha

Photo credit: nosha

We live in a society that encourages victimhood. A place where nothing’s your fault and you can sue anybody over anything. A land where life happens to you, not because of you. An imaginary world where there’s nothing you can do about anything, so just throw your hands up and give in to the inevitable misery of life. Complete and total disempowerment is not only indoctrinated here, it’s celebrated.

A “great” place to live if you’re weak, lazy, passionless, and angry.

It’s amazing how people react when I talk about “being a victim”. They think when I say “Stop being a victim, you are responsible for your life. Blaming somebody else for what’s wrong in your life isn’t going to change anything” they think I’m “victim blaming”.

Excuse me? No, this has nothing to do with saying a rape victim was “asking for it” by her clothing. Give me a break.

The destructive meme of “Well if it’s not their fault, it must be mine. If it’s not my fault it must be theirs. If it’s not either of our faults then who’s to blame? It must be somebody’s fault! I don’t know how to see a ‘wrong-doing’ without placing blame.”

The entire paradigm of placing fault or blame is based on a false premise that given two opposing parties, one must win and the other must lose – or one must be in the right and the other at fault. This way of thinking leaves no way to handle the idea that if something bad happens, neither has to be right or wrong. Realizing that there’s no real right or wrong way to begin with, is even more difficult.

Let’s define and clarify what these things are so you can see the difference:

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Over the weekend I had a visit with a new “friend” and found an unexpected opportunity to grow. To put into practice, well, a practice which I’ve been meaning to. This jaunt was with somebody I just met, so I was taking a chance to travel down to stay with them for a couple days – I’m always one for  spontaneous adventure. Unfortunately, this person had ulterior motives.

Long story short, this person ended up being incredibly self-absorbed, self-centered, and inauthentic. Most of the time it was subtle, like disengaging and focusing on erroneous things. Literally spending more time looking in the mirror than looking at me. The selfishness escalated to a few climaxes where I was giving in full, and this person was just taking – without ever swinging back towards the other direction. Then having the audacity to play dumb and not see the problem with it when I compassionately called it out.

A friend and I refer to this type of person as the “me me me girl/guy”.

Understand that this little visit wasn’t just a “hey come join me and hang out for a bit”, but rather a “I want to get to know you better, let’s spend some time and explore together”. I’m not needy by any means, nor oblivious to when somebody’s not into me, but when you visit somebody with the purpose of spending time together and you’re giving yourself fully to the moment, you naturally would feel best when the other is doing the same. And when they not only do not, but explicitly say they only want to take from you – it’s kinda shitty.

Imagine being on a date. No big deal for them to check their phones once in awhile or to send a few texts, right? Of course. Freaking out about that would be overreacting. But imagine how it would feel if they were on their phone the entire time messaging other people on Facebook. You confront them about the rudeness, and then they say the only reason they asked you on the date was so you could show them how to use Facebook… like it was no big deal.

It was sort of like that, but worse.

This post is not a rant or complaint, nor is it on social dynamics or relationships. In order to understand the power of the practice I want to share, it’s important to see the “pain” it must confront first.

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