“It is my opinion I’m watching a future best-selling author and spiritual teacher. My [generation] follows people like Chopra, Dyer, Ruiz, and Tolle. Yours may very well follow [people] like him. He appears not just motivated or inspired, but driven to define himself fully on Earth.” –Don Woodruff, Author of “The Kangaroo Method”

I started this blog in 2010, and have ceased writing here in 2014. My writing and perspectives have evolved beyond what you see written on this site, and I have moved on. For posterity’s sake, I have left the site up as there are still many valuable ideas.

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Circa 2010:

The Polyman is my personal blog where I share my perspectives and nuggets of wisdom I’ve gathered and developed over the past 8 years of my adult life, with the hopes of inspiring and enlightening good men (and even women) around the world. As a teenage designer gone successful entrepreneur, shunned programmer gone inadvertent writer, sickly stick gone glowing man, and dogmatized geek gone remarkable lover – I’ve transformed my life from one of fear, loneliness, disease, depression, and brainwashing to one of love, abundance, sensuality, health, happiness, and freedom from my mental prison. I’m by no means complete, and openly share my struggles in hopes for my own clarity and your benefit.

This site is for you to explore ideas and concepts that are responsible for changing the lives of millions, in hopes that you take what works for you and apply it to you life. From high-level concepts, to metaphor, to step-by-step action-plans, to some in-your-face wake-up calls – my hope is that you can become a better person from my past trials and tribulations, and the ideas that have been cultivated henceforth. If there’s anything you want covered by me, please feel free to get in touch via any one of the plethora of social media connections, and I’d be happy to help.


I help make the best men, better. Of course that can sound a bit trite, however I’m a firm believer in walking my walk so for the past 8 years I’ve been making myself better before publicly making a stand. I want to be an example for others to see that life isn’t about consuming and being trapped in a reality of sickness, depression, and lack of passion – but about creating the life we deserve and taking responsibility for our health and happiness.

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