That voice inside my head that says “Just give up, you’ve been trying this shit for the past 8 years, and where are you now? It was a nice run, you gave it your best, but maybe you should just plug back into the matrix. You’ve been ‘this close’ for years, maybe this isn’t meant to be.” To which I say fuck that shit. I’m sorry rational mind, I don’t have any other options. Really, what am I going to do? I don’t even have a vision besides this, besides making my dreams a reality.

Imagine flying a plane by yourself and trying to land it on the smallest airstrip on the island of paradise. Now imagine that you had no idea how to pilot and instead were learning to fly as you flew it. You have no parachutes, no eject button, no autopilot. You either land this plane or you crash it to varying degrees of injury or death. You either land on paradise or you crash in the ocean — and if you survive that you just sort of float around in a raft, bobbing back and forth, until you die of starvation.

Do you understand what I’m telling you? Do you really get it?

This is not a bloody metaphor – this is your life damn it.

It sounds scary, it sounds like “F‑that-shit”. That’s probably why so many people never even take off. They just hang around at the airport acting busy.

Maybe some people just co-pilot. That’s cool for them, but not for me. I’m not going to play an extra or co-star in my own life story.

There is no other option. I’m not just rambling off some inspiring bullshit, I’m tearing my fucking shell of a life apart to reach the depths of life itself. This is a plea.

A plea for you to take full advantage of every opportunity to pursue your dreams. Do you hear me? If you’re reading this now, you have more opportunity and abundance than most of the planet. How dare you waste it away not being happy, not doing what you love, not pursuing a life in which you let your gifts shine.

You have more money in your bank account. You have more clothes. You have more people that want you to be happy. I’m not talking about more than kids in Africa, I’m talking about me.

I don’t care what your excuses are. I don’t care that you’re happy with mediocrity. I don’t care that this message isn’t for everybody. In this moment, be damned with everyone else – this is about you. If you’re still reading this, this message was meant for you.

You have it in you. You feel the pull. You feel the pain, the dissonance. You know deep down inside that you were meant for something greater, greater than the life you’re living now – even if you’re doing pretty well – you know that you’re not playing full out.

It’s okay. All of this is okay. It’s okay if you do, and it’s okay if you don’t. None of it really matters, it’s all perfect, and it all returns to love.

But don’t hold yourself apart from that in the meantime. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t play it safe either. So what maybe you have multiple lives? So what if we’re all one? So what if you are loved no matter what?

None of that matters if you don’t feel it. If you don’t feel the love; if you don’t give the love. And you can’t do this to the fullest extent unless you’re living open, raw, broken down and built up better, harder, stronger, faster. Unless you discover who you really are, what you’re really made of. You can’t do that from your computer chair; you can’t do that from mediocrity.

You can’t do that until you take flight. The truth is not everybody is guaranteed to land the plane on paradise – but I can guarantee you’ll never land if you stay at the airport bar and grill.

I’m pretty sure the path that I offer you here isn’t the best, and in fact, I don’t really recommend it to most people. Most people don’t desire it, and that is really okay. That’s them.

But this is you. This is me. This is us. We know we’re not most people, and that’s okay too.

This is the call. This is all I can offer you.

This is my dream. Perhaps it’s not yours. But if it is, my plea is that you heed the call. You will either succeed or die trying. That should scare the hell out of you… but that’s the level you need to be willing to play at. It’s your dreams for crying out loud. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted for yourself and those you love.

What else is worth dying – or living – for?

Your life beckons.



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