I have always had a problem fitting in, ever since I was 4 years old, whipping it out to take a leak on a tree in the back yard of my preschool. I think ever since then I’ve had problems with authority. Go figure.

Now, I live in my own world – not a bubble of fantasy or delusion – but a reality. I live in a world of possibilities, where “impossible” is just another word for “lazy thinking”. Where there is a definite, tangible cure for every disease on this planet. A place where every problem has a solution, and all “crisis” are engineered. We have the technology, we have the brilliance and ingenuity of humanity already.

A world where we have a surplus of food, energy, and resources – real fact-driven abundance – that is possible. An idea of joblessness – where instead of fighting for more work and positions to watch and regulate the regulators and watchers, we have no jobs… and thus have free time to explore, experiment, invent, ask questions, play, and create as sovereign people. Where money is a sign of value created intrinsically, rather than slavery tokens to prove you’re contributing to your modern serfdom.

A roundtable where reason and logic have their place alongside intuition and imagination; where science and spirituality converge. A world where we see each other as humans, not opponents to kill or beat due to brandism, nationalism, patriotism, terrorism, teamism, classism, racism, or any other ism designed to keep us separate.

A culture that values men, women, children, and elders with equal respect and opportunity based on character and ability, not demographics or heritage. A place where anybody who wants to be married or worship can, even if I don’t believe in their religion or doctrine.

A place where we learn how to heal deal with our emotions, disagreements, and traumas – rather than suppressing, stuffing, ignoring, drinking, drugging, masturbating, abusing, or mocking them away. Where people love their life and are happy to wake up everyday, instead of being zombies and slaves to their jobs, iPhones, sicknesses, and debt.

As you can tell, most of the world – hell, even you – finds a lot of these ideas crazy, unrealistic, or psudowhatever. A day-to-day way of life that almost all mainstream popular beliefs and agendas are diametrically opposed to. A lifestyle and belief system that is “taboo”.

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” –Upton Sinclair

Hmm… notice any similarities between that and, oh I don’t know… pretty much EVERY SINGLE MAJOR WORLD CONFLICT?

To be honest, it’s hard for me to live on a planet where almost everything I see is a lie or tactic to keep us all suppressed. One where even the greatest people I look up to fall for it hook-line-and-sinker. Yes people are waking up, but twice as many are being drugged up.

I know I don’t have it all figured out, but at least I’m asking the questions… I’m taking a stand for love, open-mindedness, and empowerment… I’m creating things in this world that are holistically improving people’s lives.

I’d give up and run away if I didn’t know that’s exactly what the system is designed to do. It’s brilliant at crushing ideas and lifestyles like mine through overwhelming despair. The corruption and diabolical nature of the system is overwhelming, and anyone who questions it is ostracized. It’s disheartening, frustrating, and evokes apathy. As much as I have my shit together and focus on the positive, it still affects me. Anybody who tells you they don’t feel the sadness of the world from time to time is just numbing themselves off.

The same people the mainstream science and culture worship, from Newton to Gandhi, are the exact same people who were once considered quacks and terrorists… not sure why they don’t apply that to current times. The same reason why we have a holiday for people get drunk and blow shit up on July 4th – freedom from tyranny – is the exact thing that’s happening before everyone’s eyes right now. Yet, bread and circus still.

I freed thousands of slaves, and could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves.” –Harriet Tubman

Being on the leading of creation isn’t always easy, isn’t always fun, and is often at expense of living most of your life in ridicule and second-guessing yourself. Your life may very well be the cost of thinking outside the norm – it has been for many thought leaders. In an instant, everything you’ve done to push humanity forward could be gone (RIP Tesla).

People think I teach sex. I don’t. I don’t fucking care about vibrators or whips; I care about bondage — the spiritual bondage of humanity. Helping people to break free of the tyranny of negative emotions, dogmas, fears, shame, abuse, poverty. I’m going to use my position of influence and power, through teaching sex, relationships, health, spirituality, entrepreneurship, wealth – whatever necessary – to facilitate empowerment and love. To show people a better mindset, a better life, a better world.

My vision reaches beyond any petty internet marketing system or sex position trick book – my purpose is something greater than I can articulate at this time. I can’t singlehandedly take the world on – that’s not my burden, and it’s not yours either. But I can, with your help, do my little part in enlightening pieces of it one-by-one. And with my help, you can do your part too.



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