What if there was a sexual philosophy that brought together all the schools of thought, and provided you with an empowering way to have the most passionate, fulfilling, spiritual, dirty, sexy, kinky, and liberating sex possible? How would your entire life change if you were able to conquer your fears, overcome your insecurities, release your shame and guilt, and free you from the opinions of others? Could you stop and imagine fulfilling all of your deepest and darkest fantasies in a way that was full of love, rather than fear or hate, and your partner thanking you for it?

Well, there is and I’ve created it just for you. Not only that, but it’s out today.

I’ve spent over 7 years learning a plethora of topics ranging from success, psychology, spirituality, seduction, relationships, masculinity, sexuality, romance, and dating. I’ve taken everything I’ve put into practical use and have real world experience in, distilled the more essential concepts, and created a course – nay, a philosophy – that presents the best of the best perspectives and frameworks around empowering conscious sex.

Introducing my first audio course, Holistic Sex: Merging The Dirty & The Divine.

I’ve taken the major concepts I teach men in my forthcoming book Become A Remarkable Lover and created a central philosophy that applies to men and women, singles or couples, gay or straight. A core set of ideas, approaches, and principles that empowers lovers to love without fear, dogma, shame, insecurity, and limitations. Holistic Sex is aptly named so because it is truly the first “holistic” approach to sex taught in a comprehensive course, encouraging satisfaction on all levels of our being.

I promise you will not find anything else out there like this, or else I wouldn’t have made it. I wouldn’t have taken months out of my life to pack this much value into 11 hours and 60 pages if there was already something that was teaching it – that’s not efficient or logical to me (you’ll actually learn about this trait in the course in the polarity section). This course is a necessity, for you and for the world.

Almost all the advice on sex only deals with the physical acts of sex… Holistic Sex deals with everything else. You already know enough techniques to physically create orgasms, and if you don’t, there’s 1000’s of books out there that will teach you how have incredible sex. What you DON’T have is the mindsets, beliefs, attitudes, perspectives, approaches, insights, reframes, and frameworks that support all those techniques.

Almost everything that makes you successful in the bedroom, has nothing to do with what you do in bed.

In this course, you will have massive breakthroughs. You will have paradigm shifts and “ah-ha!” moments – I guarantee it. This is an outline of what you’ll gain from going through the course:

  • Discover hidden blocks preventing you from happiness.
  • Overcome fears, insecurities, guilt, and shortcomings.
  • Explore kinks, fantasies, taboos, and dirty talk from love.
  • Create satisfying, authentic, and passionate intimacy.
  • Achieve sexual freedom, enlightenment, and fulfillment.

It includes over 2 gigs of context:

  • 11.4 hours of professionally mastered audio
  • 60-page PDF workbook
  • 23min HD Conditioning Clearer video
  • 6 Bonus interviews

In an age where anybody can create an “E‑Product”, I need to be frank about the quality of this course. This is not some ghetto-ass ebook thrown together at Starbucks. This is a professionally designed, recorded, mastered, written, and produced product of the utmost class, published through MetaHeal. In the coming months, it will be printed as a 12-disk physical product sold in the real world , so you’ll eventually be able to get your hands on it (literally).

But for now, I urge you to head on over to the launch page and check out the massive amount of stuff you get in the course (at a ridiculously good price). You’ll be able to download everything immediately, and get started on your deep transformation. I suggest acting now while the launch special price is still available, you don’t want to lose out on free cash and great sex would you?

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