Articles written in August, 2013

ego-needs-misery-zenIt is said that the greatest battle you will ever face is not waged on a battlefield, but inside of your own mind. To be more specific: a battle between your “true self” and your “ego”. You currently think who you are is really you, but it is not. It is merely an illusion of the ego, […]

People think I’m arrogant or pompous when I say I really don’t care about most of your opinions about what I’m doing – or about anything really. Yes, that’s blunt; but no, it’s not rude. The truth is, most people on social media or any form of commentary usually ask for other’s opinions for validation or to […]

We live in a society that encourages victimhood. A place where nothing’s your fault and you can sue anybody over anything. A land where life happens to you, not because of you. An imaginary world where there’s nothing you can do about anything, so just throw your hands up and give in to the inevitable misery of life. […]