Remove the word "impossible" from your vocabulary.

Remove the word “impossible” from your vocabulary.

One of the greatest and seemingly paradoxical ideas that perplexes many of the logical, left-brained thinkers, is that of believing something before seeing the physical proof of it. The idea that believing is seeing, rather than seeing is believing. I’m not talking about blind faith perpetuated by dogma that doesn’t seem to makes sense to a person (like many religions perpetuate). I’m referring to a more personal idea that’s based on desire and faith in oneself and burning desires, not of a false prophet.

I’m talking about the idea of believing something is possible or will happen, before any tangible evidence is apparent to anybody else.

If you could accelerate the changes in your life – if you could live in a better world regardless of whatever other people were saying is possible for you – how would you live your life differently? If the way you believed something would be was an actual influence on how it turned out, how would that cause you to think differently?

Besides a few experiments such as the double-slit experiment and Schrödinger’s cat, most of western science relies on an objective reality that happens regardless of the observer. I personally think that all reality is subjective, with the objectiveness of reality stemming from the mutually perceived state of the universe through our collective consciousness in our current dimension. Whew.

In other words, the objective reality that we all share is contained within the subjective realities of each of us together.

An objective reality isn’t influenced by a person’s beliefs, whereas a subjective reality is. Since to me there’s both happening at the same time, it makes manifesting in “reality” or the “real world” a bit different than in the dream state.

We often believe in what we can see – the facts. The input from our physical senses. We see it, feel it, hear it so it’s true – is the proof that validates our thoughts. For example, if we watch the news everyday and all we see about the world is death and terror, it will (likely) keep validating a belief that the world is dangerous and we should live in fear. All these people are killing each other so that’s the proof needed to be afraid. But that’s not an objective fact, as one can not watch any news and live in a small town where everyone’s nice and friendly. This reenforces the belief that the world is a good and safe place. These conflicting realities are true for both people at the same time, as they can only know what’s real through their own perception – even through their perception of another’s perception.

Still with me here? Good.

If we create our beliefs based only on the “facts” we get from what we see, touch, hear, taste, and smell – we’re not actually basing them on reality. Not by a long shot.

  • We can see less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • We can hear less than 1% of the acoustic spectrum
  • Everything you see and touch as “solid” matter is actually 99.9% empty space
  • We have only explored 1 planet, and not even fully, out of trillions of planets, in trillions of galaxies
  • There are 7+ billion people on this planet, all of which are living a different experience than you
  • TV shows, radio shows, everything on the internet – is flowing through the air invisibly

There are so many things going on in the universe that we are not aware of, simply because we’re not physically capable of sensing them. Our physical senses do not allow us to perceive 99.9% of what’s happening right now, so why would we be so audacious and arrogant to think that we’re actually basing our beliefs on “facts” and “reality”?

We can comprehend that animals have different ranges of senses; that they hear or see things that we can’t while we’re right there next to them. We understand this and don’t deny it… so why do we freak out when it comes to a different way of perceiving with other humans?

Instead of living in a cage of “facts”, I suggest creating empowering and positive beliefs first, then perceive your reality based off of that. I’m not talking about believing gravity doesn’t exist then trying to jump off a bridge and fly – but you know, even the belief that flight was indeed possible for humans somehow lead to airplanes and helicopters.

Check this: before any new invention was made, the belief that it could be existed first. Before the engine, radio, computer, plane, etc. was created, somebody believed in the idea enough, and then it was created.

This is how our reality works. The airplane couldn’t have been invented if nobody believed it could be. We see global shattering of beliefs systems with the advent of new technologies; as much “proof” as you need for this concept.

So why do people still resist this idea when it comes to their own lives? That they can’t believe in their wealth, love, abundance, success, etc. before they see the proof of it? If we see that the manifestation of inventions only occurred after the inventor saw it in his mind and felt the idea to be true, why we can’t apply the same thing to “invent” or own wealth or relationships? After an inventor believes in what he wants to create, he doesn’t just sit there and hope it appears – he sets out to create it – even “failure” after failure, criticism after criticism.

If you have doubt in something, then you don’t believe in it enough. Just because you can’t sense it with your physical senses, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist yet. A website isn’t real to me until I load it up on my browser, but it still exists outside of my perception on the internet. This is the same thing of “if a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s there to hear it, does it fall?”

Doubting the existence of something because you can’t see it yet will keep you shackled to a world of limitations. The power of believing you can be, do, or have something before you actually have it will propel you towards success faster than waiting for the proof first. The entire point of taking this stance is to empower ourselves. That’s it. To open our mind to more possibilities, rather than less.

Do you agree with the power of belief? Disagree? Let me know in the comments!



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