Yes, that's me… like a boss.

Yes, that’s me… like a boss.

I recently have had a little fun with Pitnerest, and assembled a cast of graphical fashion and style guides for us men that are simple, short, and stylish. Not your typical inspirational or deep post from me, however I’ve found these graphics great guides to understanding a very touchy and confusing world of fashion. This information is timeless, and is essential for any man who not only wants to feel and become great, but look great as well. Even if you never dress up, having the knowledge is going to set you apart and it’s always good to know.

  • Learn how to fit the perfect suit
  • Learn about color theory
  • Learn what washing icons and instructions mean
  • Learn to identify jack types
  • Learn how to tie fancy shoe laces
  • Know when to wear black or brown dress shoes
  • All about pocket squares
  • How to tie a tie
  • Identify different hat styles
  • Match the right sunglasses with your face shape
  • Learn all about different kinds of men’s shoes
  • Wear shorts the right way
  • Wear the correct fit

Let me know if you found this post helpful!

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