Where can you trim the fat in your own life to become more concise?

Where can you trim the fat in your own life to become more concise?

As I’ve been on the quest of writing my first book, I’ve been in search of ways to improve my writing. Generally speaking, most people have told me what and how I write is great; I’ve got years of reading, an English major for a father, and tad bit of training in clever linguistics to thank for that. However, me being me, I wanted to refine it further as I make more powerful prose and find my trademark voice as I become a “real” author.

One of the largest battles I’ve had as a man, has been length. Excessive length. Unfortunately, not that kind of long… but wordy long. It’s been… hard to get to the point. I just couldn’t… get it up to par with the precision of a well-delivered thought.

Okay, okay — enough penis jokes. But seriously.

My articles evoke glossy-eyes due to the volume of text from those unfamiliar. The reason for such length articles has been for a number of reasons:

  • Worrying about having all my “bases” covered
  • Trying to communicate too many ideas at once
  • Not wanting people to “take it the wrong way”
  • Fear of losing the sex appeal or poetic details
  • Wanting people to get the concept thoroughly

This has lead to some great articles and an evolution in my style, but it has also lead to fewer articles and few readers given the time investment… on both ends. I feel my own limiting beliefs, fears, eccentricisms (and some made up words along the way), have diluted my message from the clutter and over-explainings. And as I refine my writing and discover more powerful ways of communicating my message, my hope is that all those fears prove unfounded.

We all have fears and limiting beliefs that cause our communication to become cluttered. Fumbling over our words whilst nervously conversing with a crush, or even getting emotional over a miscommunication that escalates into an argument. Our words become jaded by the filters of our experiences, and provide a colorful expression of our uniqueness to both a possible charm or hindrance on our ability to influence and inspire others.

It’s our job — not our listener’s or reader’s — to become clear on our message to the world, and to jubilantly share in a digestible way that’s effortless for our audience. We are 100% responsible for the response we get.

Moving forward, we’ll see just how much fat I can trim out and still keep the ideas feeling like me. Maybe I’ll write less to begin with and then add details. Or maybe I’ll write in the flow and go back to trim it down like a machete on a short date with the jungle. Either way, I think it comes down to being able to articulate what I want in a way that’s Goldilocks-worthy – not much, not too little… but juuuust right.

What areas in your life can you cut out the fat in order to show up more powerfully? Can you cut the small talk and get to know somebody at a deeper lever faster? Or perhaps you can cut back on TV and mindless entertainment to give your life a bit more depth. Decide where in your life you can trim and tidy up, and let me know about it in the comments below!

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