Grand Canyon Colorado River. Or the separation between ourselves.

Grand Canyon Colorado River. Or the separation between ourselves.

There’s an amazingly simple law of power that states: “a group is easier controlled and suppressed when it is divided”. This is the more evolved take on the classic “divide & conquer” military strategy. Whether or not you realize it, or whether or not the people propagating it are doing it out of malice, the whole of society is divided. What’s worse, is that it goes far beyond just groups of people.

This “Great Schism” is also putting you at war – with yourself.

Let’s take a look at the big picture before I explain:

We’ve been taught various forms of wars have been waging on and on since the beginning of time. Religious wars, territorial wars, sexuality wars, civil wars… you name it, we’ve fought and died over it. It would appear fighting amongst ourselves is human nature – an inevitability.

Pacifists are slaughtered against ruthless marauders, and Gandhi’s results were unfortunately an exception, not norm. And as much as the hippies tried, they just couldn’t figure out why “we all just can’t get along, man” (the kin of which are often stigmatized and disparaged for such thinking).

The funny thing is, we’ve also been taught simple solutions to most of these problems as children: share, play nice, love thy neighbor, don’t steal, respect each other, and a host of other simplistically profound, few-word ways to interact with people. But we all know how that works out, don’t we? People become jealous, act from fear, become resentful, are taught bigotry and hate, and adopt the “isms” (racism, classism, etc.) of those they’re reared by.

Notice most of these are learned behaviors – nobody’s born racist, sexist, or hateful. They are influenced by those before them, and done so by beliefs and attitudes – not demon genetics. If you take away anything from this, it’s the realization that if a belief or attitude was created or installed, it must also be possible to destroy or remove it.

A Diabolical Reason

The development and continuation of these divisions between people have been propagated by the ruling classes, because as they (and now you) know – it’s easier to control a population that is divided, conflicted, or at war with itself. There are a few reasons why this works so effectively:

  • As 2 or more groups of political people argue over their differences, they get less and less effective at implementing change. This helps the elite keep their desired status quo longer.
  • As conflict arises (either politically or socially), the spotlight of media and gossip shines upon it. This helps the elite act as an illusionist; they do one thing over here, while saying “look over there!”
  • If the people are against each other, they can’t unite against their rulers. This clearly helps the elite overpower their people.
  • A populous separated by class or caste, allows for controlled flow of knowledge and power by keeping people “in line” based on their label of importance (which is obviously dictated by the ruling classes). This helps the elite by separating themselves from the poor or lower classes at a safe distance (physically or socially.
  • People that are in disharmony are easier to persuade and emotionally influence. This helps the elite gain support for their own agendas.
  • It keeps people in a lower state of consciousness, usually negative and disempowering. The ruling class considers themselves the “elite” for a reason, and if people were to see beyond the duality, their game would quickly be up. This helps the elite remain the few elite.

Anyone that takes a look at history can see this same pattern emerge out of corrupt empires. In fact, you need not even look that hard. This has been happening for thousands of years, and is still happening now around the world. Chances are that yes, even in your culture, the implementation of separation is likely thriving. We can see current examples of a common people divided and fighting amongst themselves on all levels:

  • Nationalism – Country vs Country, State vs State, City vs City
  • Democrats vs Republicans
  • Sexism – Men vs Women
  • Religion vs Religion
  • Sports Team vs Sports Team
  • Rich vs Poor
  • Diet vs Diet
  • Science vs Spirituality
  • Mac vs PC
  • iPhone vs Other Inferior Smartphones

Okay, maybe I’m being biased in that last one… *cough* (but it’s true).

You might think some of these are no big deal or just a bit silly, but if you’ve ever been on an internet forum of tech enthusiasts, you’ll know the Mac vs PC or Smartphone wars are venomously dangerous. Even gender wars inspired by schoolyard teasing, such as “boys rule, girls drool” and “boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider” – endearingly referred to as “cutesy” and “harmless” childhood games – often evolve into very tragic and ugly relationship problems with the opposite sex in adulthood.

If you’re into health, you’ll see (or say, ahem) the meanest things being said by people debating about things like: which “raw vegan super food” variety is better. Um, hello? Any are 100x better than what 80% of the population is eating, so why are you arguing against each other? At the very least argue your point with the unhealthy people. Or even better, unite to offer different perspectives to those folks?

It is silly.

This same situation is happening around the world on different scales. People are fighting each other of the pettiest of things, evoking: anger, hate, slander, bigotry, sadness, guilt, rage, arrogance, and on and on and on. It’s completely absurd, and pure insanity, to ask brothers of the same blood why they hate each other and being told “because he eats different things than me that I don’t like.”

I was living in Istanbul, Turkey for 2 months while backpacking a few years ago (yay, story time!). Not having any idea how big “futbol” (soccer) was over there, I wasn’t expecting riots around Taksim Meydanı, police armed with AK-47s on the streets, and the danger of leaving my hostel when the major rivalry matches took place. I don’t mean to insult anyone’s culture here, but hating (literally provoking violence, spitting in disgust, etc.) somebody just for what sports team they support (which was likely inherited from their family and friends by default) is unfathomably ignorant to me. They’re not even doing it for some epic reason – like seeking a conspired revenge for a great injustice done to their forefathers – it’s just a game.

Voicing opinions on gadgets is fine commentary. Exploring dietary options for optimal performance is great. Friendly competition and sportsmanship is wonderful… I understand we all want to unite for a common goal, but why at the expense of the safety and happiness of another without any real benefit beyond ego and bragging rights?

The Great Schism is madness. Pure madness.


Recall in the beginning when I said The Great Schism is “putting you at war with yourself”. I wasn’t just talking about it in a spiritual “we are all one, so fighting each other is really fighting yourself” sort of way. Yes, I was partly implying that, but I really did mean that there’s a war raging inside your individual consciousness too.

See, we’ve also been conditioned to think that we have to fight this battle inside of us – a war that we must win in order to be a righteous and worthy person. Instead of being taught to accept both the light and shadow aspects of ourselves, we’ve told that we must kill or repress the shadow to remain pure (since purity is the “correct way”). While I do encourage and also partake in developing the aspects of myself I find “positive and empowering”, I don’t find the need to exhaustively fight or devalue the reasons & benefits for the darker aspects.

This can get very airy and ethereal if we don’t get some solid examples, so here:

  • Good vs Evil
  • Right vs Wrong
  • Animalistic vs Human
  • Masculine vs Feminine
  • Right Brain vs Left Brain
  • Intellect vs Intuition
  • Materialism vs Spirituality

If we’re someone whom’s not caught in web of mindless consumerism, we constantly hear materialism is bad, and that being more spiritual (in whatever way that is to you) is a higher path. We’re conditioned in the Western systems that intellect is more reliable than intuition. Educational Institutions force classes that deem the logical left brain thinking as more valuable than that daydreaming, useless, arty, creative right brain. Civilized principles say we should transcend our uncivilized animalistic urges and chose a higher, more superiorly human path. We’re told that some things are right, while some things are wrong.

These are all great lies.

There’s no such thing as the supreme “right way” or the “wrong way”; only the way that’s for you. There’s still purpose and validity to our animal instincts and urges. Both hemispheres of the brain can work together in alignment better than they can work apart. There’s nothing wrong with having nice material things because you like quality, so long as they don’t define your purpose or poison your soul with greed and envy – you don’t have to pick between Scrooge or Gandhi.

These are the Divisions of Consciousness within that are keeping you in a constant state of disharmony.

Controlled, suppressed, depressed, unfulfilled, angry, confused, unconscious, and without evolution. The Great Schism separates you from you, preventing the unity and balance of equally valid aspects of yourself. A self lost to, and ever-increasingly distant from, the truth of what your human potential really is.


Uniting these aspects inside of you, transcending the tiring battles of your psyche, and becoming at peace with these internal conflicts will require a lot of de- and re- programming of how you think about and see the world around you. It has taken me many years to do so (and will continue to), but has delivered priceless tranquility into my life.

Here are some ways to start closing the divide and fill in the schism with love:

  • Instead of seeing people as the “good guys” or the “bad guys”, see them as… living, valued people like yourself.
  • Rather than picking a political party to conform to out of ignorance or fear, vote for the people who pass legislature based on what you personally agree with.
  • Stop aspersing, envying, or vilifying the rich, and start appreciating, learning from, and respecting them and their successes.
  • Let go of shame and guilt, since nothing is really “wrong”.
  • See the science in spirit, and the magic in science. “There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.” – Pythagoras
  • Forgive those that have wronged you. Then realize they couldn’t have wronged you, because nothing is “wrong”. Then forgive yourself for begrudging them for a fallacy. Then let that go because grudges aren’t “wrong” either.
  • Act out of love instead of fear. You won’t have to worry about societal moral obligations because you can’t do anything harmful from a place of pure love.
  • Let go of disempowering “allegiances” to nations, homelands, teams, races, genders, etc. Borders are manmade; Earth is home to us all equally. Mankind is your family, the Earth your home.
  • Be happy with what you have. Be okay with always wanting more.
  • Stop watching, listening, or reading the news – right now – and be amazed at how much more positive you become.
  • Seek more cooperation than competition. Use competition with your past self, or with purposeful goals, as motivation instead of competing against others.

By implementing and practicing these few suggestions, you’re making a statement that you’d rather become whole and complete with yourself and the world, rather than divided and perpetually at war. You’ll begin to see the world in a different way – a way foreign to most. You may get ridiculed for being “heartless”, “idealistic”, “disloyal”, etc. and that’s just the state of affairs until this realization reaches critical mass. Don’t let it guilt you; that’s their tactic of enslavement. It’s this exact mindset that we’re seeking to change in the world, but in order to do so, we must first start with the only thing we truly have any control over changing – ourselves.

Have any useful tips to close the Division of Consciousness? Or perhaps some experiences with The Great Schism in the world akin to my trip to Turkey? Leave ’em in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!



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