Articles written in March, 2013

Grand Canyon Colorado River. Or the separation between ourselves.There’s an amazingly simple law of power that states: “a group is easier controlled and suppressed when it is divided”. This is the more evolved take on the classic “divide & conquer” military strategy. Whether or not you realize it, or whether or not the people propagating it are doing it out of malice, the whole […]

As I’ve been on the quest of writing my first book, I’ve been in search of ways to improve my writing. Generally speaking, most people have told me what and how I write is great; I’ve got years of reading, an English major for a father, and tad bit of training in clever linguistics to thank for […]

No responses from online dating? Attracting losers on POF, OKC, or Wondering where all the good men or women are in real life? Chances are you're either guilty of these 5 personality sins, or the people you're looking to date are. I've got the no-holding-back fixes and dating tips to change that.