The ego fights for its survival through conflicts. Surrender and acceptance cultivates peace.

The ego fights for its survival through conflicts. Surrender and acceptance cultivates peace.

Have you ever met somebody who loved arguing or debating with you, if even simply for the joy of it? Somebody that will purposely go out of their way to prove a point or defend their position to extremes, or even impose their views as law? Or somebody that feels it’s their duty to go around “exposing the charlatans” and saving others from being ripped off?

Or perhaps this person is actually you, a bonafide zealot of defending “the truth”. If that’s the case, what I’m about to share will most definitely set you ablaze, and trigger an emotional reaction — even if your response is filled with well-articulated fact.

I’m not talking about an ocassional passionate exchange — we all have that. I’m referring to the kind of person who’s a missionary, a self-proclaimed skeptic, or an antagonistically brilliant provoker of fact. One who’s known for some or all of these behaviors.

Here’s the truth, cowboy:

The compulsive need to prove, debunk, and debate excessively is nothing but the narcissistic response of the ego.

When the ideas, values, and beliefs of the ego are challenged, its job is to defend them. That’s what its purpose is. When an experience arises where the identity of the person is threatened, the ego faces a sort of… death, and violently opposes all events, ideas, and people that imperil its existence. Sometimes, a new model of reality has such an impact, it takes the ego beyond the brink of resistance, and a paradigm shift in the person occurs.

Unfortunately, for the type of person I’m discussing, their ego is heavily fortified. Throughout their life, in order to cope and deal with traumas (both major and minor), survival strategies form in order to protect the body, mind, and spirit. If somebody gets repeatedly ripped-off, the ego logically develops skepticism in order to judge what is safe or harmful to the person (or belief system). When something new is invented, it’s put through the ego’s paces of convincers that determine if this fits into what the person’s model of the world accepts or could allow. If the slightest alarm bells ring, a noble quest to debunk the invention is embarked upon to protect other’s from harm — and by others, I mean it’s actually the ego.

Let’s take another example:

Imagine having a PhD in FlatEarth Sciences. You spend 8–10 years of your life and thousands of gold pieces (from another which you must repay) on learning from great academics and mastering your trade. A few years later, some guy says this crazy nonsense that the Earth is “round”. Not only that, but people start listening to him. He’s just a quack nobody’s heard of, using pseudo-scientific research that’s not even peer-reviewed — how dare him! A lot of people begin to think he’s making sense, but you know from your decade of learning that it just can’t be true… can it? No, how can all your work, time, and money be in vain? A 13 of your life down the drain, losing your job, and looking like an idiot because some punk has an idea that challenges yours?

It may seem ridiculous in hindsight from what we know now, but that’s often what happens in many areas of great “expertise”. Even if not to that degree, whenever the ego is threatened, it makes it as dramatic as it has to in order for it to feel safe. The ego develops and grows, becoming more powerful than the person’s ability to accept new information and opposing ideas. It knows already, no need to question it.

Children have small egos, for they know little — hence being a sponge of anything that’s around them. A fresh slate free of dogma; an innocence and purity we find a magical sort of beauty in… ah, I digress.

These habits are addicting to the ego, as cognitive dissonance sets in greater and greater each time one stands behind a certain ideology, saying to the mind: “We already agreed to that being true publicly! We can’t change our mind now, we’ll look a fool! Defend, defend, attack!”

This can cause an addictive cycle where people feel they must have their say — that somehow if they don’t defend their beliefs, other’s ideas will become true — a possibility absolutely torturing to the ego. If you’ve ever heard people talking about ideas you don’t agree with, and you start interrupting and feeling a massive passion to have your say — this is exactly why. It’s a habitual, narcissistic egoic response, that is naturally perpetuating the existence of the ego’s “accepted” reality. I say accepted, because we know this can change.

What if other people had their own beliefs, different than yours? What if you were fine with others thinking the world was flat and you it spherical? Even as I type this, I think: “That’s stupid, all these facts and proofs say it’s a sphere, they’re uneducated or just plain nuts!”. That’s my ego. Who cares what they believe? That has practically zero effect on my life or reality. Let them believe it (ego response: “LET THEM?! THAT’S BLASPHEMY! IT’S A LIE!”).

See, my ego wants to correct the “injustice” and “save them from their ignorance”. But it really doesn’t; it just wants to be safe and not feel threatened, comfortable in the little world I created for it. If I can be okay with the world and myself simultaneously holding conflicting views (which I can for somethings and not others at this point), I will have incredible peace and freedom to live my own life.

Remember: The ego is not bad or faulty, it serves a great purpose — for a time. The idea is for you to consciously discern what’s serving you now, instead of the past. To heal yourself and let go; freeing up the duty of the ego, allowing you to grow and expand to the next level. Resenting, devaluing, or judging the ego only reinforces those egoic behaviors, so when you can accept and appreciate it for what it is, you can move forward with greater ease and grace.

When one can give up the need to change others, a feat that is impossible, and even surrender the compulsion to prove or debunk them – they renounce their responsibility of other’s opinions and know true peace; regaining sovereignty of their own life.

Have an out of control ego that wants to debate this? Go ahead and leave a comment; another line of cocaine. Perhaps an ego that wants to wake up another? Crusade the death of your own ego and share this post now.

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