Remember when Facebook introduced the “like” button? Long time ago, aye. Do you remember the masses throwing a fit because there was no equivalent “dislike” button… or have you ever wondered that yourself — why there’s only a “like” button? Well, regardless of their political ties, business practices, or success, this little feature of Facebook (or lake thereof) holds one of the most powerful keys to your own success and happiness.

If you’re not familiar with Facebook or the like button (where have you been and how did you even get here?!), it’s basically a little thumbs-up button that a user can click to publicly indicate that they, well — like — that post, image, video, etc. In essence, the more “likes” a post has, the more popular it becomes and the more attention it inherently gets. Not only that, but based on what you liked and the friends you have, you are also presented with more content similar to them.

So, what does this have to do with you and your happiness? A lot. Whether Facebook realizes it or not, they are utilizing the Law of Attraction en masse. Even though it’s really for advertisers to target their market better, the customers very well shall receive more relevant content (like attracts like). See, every single successful person that shares their secrets will tell you that you need to focus on what you do want, rather then what you don’t. That like attracts like, and energy flows where attention goes.

When you like something on Facebook (talk/focus about what you DO want), Facebook uses it’s algorithms to determine what ads/content to show you (Law of Attraction simply aligns you with matching vibrations/thoughts/feelings), and the advertisers (The Universe, God, chaos theory, nature, etc) deliver you the relevant information when you browse the site (take action from alignment) and you receive the desired posts (manifestations). If you were to only “unlike” things, then Facebook would be delivering other posts that simply match those instead, but ones that would be totally uninteresting to you.

Law of Attraction works the same way – except much, much, much more sophisticated and powerful. It’s real, and is literally working behind the scenes in your life on both digital and energetic levels.

The more you focus on and feel what you want, the more momentum you have behind it, the more often you get results that reflect that in your day to day life. Just imagine on Facebook – where if you have 40 different likes about football, sports, BBQs, jerseys, etc., you’re much more likely to see posts/ads about free tickets to a sporting game than you are to a ballerina recital.

Now see how you’ve been applying this to life. Most of us are doing much more ‘dislike’ing in real life. We are saying “I don’t want this”, “this sucks”, “I don’t like being sick”, “I hate this”, etc. This will, given what I’ve just shared, bring more of those similar flavored experiences into our lives. Even if you were to tell Facebook “like” on “Men Against Potatoes”, “Anti-Spud Group”, “Down With Mashed Potatoes”, “I Hate Root Veggies” pages, you will see more related content about what you hate and don’t want any of (obviously, potatoes) even though you “liked” things against it. You’re still giving attention to what you don’t want, you vote “yes” for it all — both what you do and don’t want — when you focus or “like” it.

This is why the “war on drugs”, “war on cancer”, “anti-war protests” are long-term failures. They’re focusing on negative things. Imagine the media headlines alone if instead they were “quest for only safe state-altering substances”, “mission towards health and vitality”, and “peace rallies”. If you’ve noticed, the news never runs out of negative things to report on.

As you take these realizations with you – imagine if you were to simply shift from “dislike“ing in real life all the things you didn’t want, and instead started only “liking” the things you wanted more of – how your experiences would dramatically shift to those you truly do want.

Try it on for a day or week or month, and just “like” the things you want more of and let me know how it goes in a comment below!



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