Most people in the world are under the spell of a dualistic world: good vs evil, right vs wrong, light vs dark, male vs female, etc. While this way of thinking makes for incredible stories and evokes powerful responses, seeing the world and all experiences through this filter causes much suffering for most of humanity due to the consistent reinforcement from the media, religions, and political systems.

The people who see past this are often on a spiritual path, and recognize oneness — the idea that we are all inherently one or part of the same origin, and we are simply experiencing an illusion of separateness. Also note, that modern science is also beginning to share this idea on an energetic quantum level.

This truth that we are all inherently one is wonderful. It creates so much peace, acceptance, and harmony upon the world and in those whom can see the universe through this model. It is a very high level of spiritual development and understanding of the nature of the universe. Many spiritual teachers on the forefront are spreading this message and having profound effects in the lives of people from all walks of life.

However, in this teaching I’ve noticed a bastardization of duality by a lot of its subscribers. That oneness is the only truth and that duality isn’t real of useful… almost that it’s the wrong way to see the world. Which, ironically, is a dualistic view. I don’t think we should be throwing the duality baby out with the dirty cosmic water — as there’s nothing wrong with it in the correct context. That’s the key: context.

There’s incredible power in being able to see the same situation from different frames of reference, especially paradoxes like this. It allows incredible flexibility in solving problems and relating to situations when two opposing – yet both valid – perceptions can be juggled in a person’s mind.For example: glaciers are giant frozen chunks of water floating in the ocean. They appear separate and are — they move and behave differently than the water they reside in, even though we all know they are made of the same substance. At this point they are seperate, and to navigate the oceans as if they were not would be catastrophic. But when the heat rises and the water melts, the glacier begins to merge back into the ocean and literally become it. Back from where it came, it’s source. To say that it is the ocean is true, and to say that it’s a separate object of ice is also true. We can see this easily in this example, but for some reason we can’t when it comes to life or ourselves.

So, while oneness is powerful and true, duality is also a real and incredibly useful level of existence and frame of perception. In intimate relationships, powerful attraction is created from a tension of polarities – masculine and feminine – that drives the survival of our species and brings much joy in our lives. This is an example of duality at work: 2 poles, just like magnets and atoms… even our own plant and sun has magnetics like this. If there was no duality in place, the explosive passion and attraction would cease to be, and relationships would be platonic. Our laws of physics would be in err, and most of the plant and universe would fall apart into who knows what.

Duality exists and is wonderful. The gotchya is, it exists under the frame of oneness. Duality came from oneness. This is seen within the first movement of the sacred geometrical form of the vesica pisces shown below. The 1st circle existed (oneness) then separated from itself in order to experience itself and create motion — duality.

Sacred Geometry — Vesica Pisces

From geometry, we find that oneness had to exist first and is the origin of allness, but duality exists in order to give meaning to the oneness, so why should we throw away in a pseudo enlightened perspective? We can’t, because we exist in a world where there are laws of nature we can’t ignore. Though some people try, and live in a less empowered place because they are shunning a very real part of existence. This isn’t about the right or wrong way, but simply what’s most empowering to our journeys.

I understand this is a huge concept to grasp, and for most, overcoming duality to oneness alone is too difficult to fathom due to their conditionings. The path goes from duality to oneness then to both being accepted simultaneously:

Only dualistic filter -> Only oneness filter -> Dualistic & oneness filters concurrently

In summary:

Duality isn’t a problem, it’s a level where we must exist to be human. All movement happens in duality, this isn’t philosophy this is physics. The problem that arises from duality that many conscious people see, is the suffering arising from believing that’s the highest frame of reality and that it’s competing forces. Once you see duality as complementary rather than conflicted, you can allow the paradox of both oneness and duality congruently, and work with the frameworks of existence rather than trying to fight or ignore them. Humans mastering this one concept would eradicate the world of all gender, religious, and political conflicts.



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