In this video I talk about the lie of scarcity. The illusion of scarcity is used to keep the masses in fear, thus more easily controlled and manipulated. The truth is, it doesn’t really exist. If you think it does, that’s because it only exists because you believe it, which in turn, causes you to find the evidence in your life to support that, causing you to live a life lack and scarcity.

This is not the truth. We live in an abundant universe — so far, infinite. Since we are creators and creation happens after a simple thought, and we don’t run out of those, we can always create. The ability to create allows us to come up with solutions to a perceived scarcity, as we have been doing for thousands of years. We’re still here, and we can continue to live in abundance if we allow ourselves to see the world in that light.

This is also the last video of the first run of Polyman TV originally filmed earlier this year. Hope you enjoyed that video experiment!



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