Manifest faster and attract your desires quicker

The images in this post are my own pictures of putting this into action. My friends and I chalked up the sidewalks on the beach to declare our desires to the universe.

I want you to stop and think about one of the most passionate things you’re trying to get in your life, or as some of us like to say, “manifest”. It could be the brand new BMW M5, or that drop-dead gorgeous, funny, and sassy new girlfriend, or even just a few extra bucks to pay for healthier foods – whatever it is in your life that you don’t quite have yet, but are looking to get, think about how excited you’ll be when you finally get it after all this waiting.

Hopefully you’re pretty damn excited. If not, pick something you’d be more excited about.


Now think about why you don’t have it right now. What are your excuses and legitimate reasons? What’s that same old story you’re telling yourself that is preventing you from having this wonderful thing?

As you think about that now, chances are you’re not feeling quite as good as you were when you imagined getting it when I asked you in the beginning. Funny how that is, isn’t it?

So, what the hell was the point in that comparison? Well, if you felt a surge of negative emotions in either visualization, chances are you are greatly slowing down (or outright preventing) what you want to manifest in your life. This is true because everything works via vibration and frequency, and your thoughts and feelings are incredibly powerful transmitters of this… and because you already know like-attracts-like, what you feel first is what you get second.

Drew Gerald's Dreams to the Universe

Gain momentum by publicly declaring your dreams with friends.

This is Law of Attraction 101, and even if you don’t call it that, the proof for believing is seeing is all around us in the success stories of the masters. You must feel it and believe it before you see it. It’s not always easy feeling amazing when we’re broke with bills due and there’s no logical reason for everything to be okay… but if we can, it always works out. I’m proof of this every single day.

This article was actually inspired by an absolute magical day I had with a friend, and how we began to manifest things we wanted to experience in that moment. Things began happening faster and faster as we built up momentum of feel gratitude and expectancy without attachment of the how or form things would appear. It got so powerful, we literally felt physiological changes in our mental state that caused a sort of “high” feeling.

How does this happen and what can we do to get there in each and every moment? The basic idea – in its simplest form – is to feel good now. Feel better now. Keep feeling better. As long as each thought and feeling is a little better than before, sooner or later you’re going to be feeling amazing. Thoughts of hope, abundance, love, joy, gratitude, playfulness, sexual attraction, achievement, relaxation, etc., can all propel you into more powerful states of being.

Okay that’s nice, but why does this work? Well when we feel like shit and don’t believe we can get what we want, we’re not living in the now and we put up a huge amount of unconscious vibrational resistance – basically self sabotaging ourselves without even knowing it. But when we are feeling amazing and blissful and have a wonderful time, we are living in the moment without stress or worry about the past or future… eliminating huge levels of resistance in that moment while doing so.

The speed in which you manifest what you want is directly dependent on your resistance towards it. What does resistance look like?

  • Negative feelings towards having it or not having it
  • Limiting beliefs around getting/having/deserving it
  • Limiting beliefs around the speed it’s possible to get it
  • Worrying about when it will come
  • Thinking about why you don’t have it yet or the story of why you deserve it
  • Comparing yourself to others or expectations

You get the idea. All these things send out the vibe that will actually delay what you want coming into your life. It’s not some magical UPS system, it’s common sense; if you have beliefs that say you can’t get something without a lot of time, work, or sacrifice – or even that it’s not even realistic – you’re not going to be doing the same things or thinking the same thoughts as you would be if you believed otherwise. That’s just fact, no metaphysical concepts needed.

Alright then, now how do we supercharge the speed in which things manifest? Here’s a few tips and tricks that will accelerate the speed of arrival based on the concept of momentum:

  • Do things that make you feel good and use those as a springboard to do other things right afterwards that make you feel even better. Just keep doing things that are fun, playful, relaxing, and easily enjoyable. Don’t stop or interrupt the flow, do only fun and positive things for a few hours, or days if you’re able to. Stress-free vacations are perfect for this.
  • Do all of those things above, with other people that get it! Have incredible times with other people that are also on the same page of manifesting the life and things they want. The more people you have fun with over time, the more momentum builds as you catapult on each other’s positive vibes.
  • Publicly state your desires. State them on Facebook, Twitter, your blog (like I’m doing with this post right now!), on your wall, your fridge, the sidewalk, your computer desktop wallpaper, etc. Plaster only good feeling desires all over the place for others to see and they will build up focus on your dreams.
  • Listen to good music that puts you into a positive, happy, carefree mood. Don’t listen to negative, angry, or emo/depressing music. We want to feel good.
  • Listen, watch, or attend talks from inspirational people that you can learn or become motivated from.

While each of these are powerful on their own, the real magic of the manifestation momentum multipliers is when you combine these. Write your desires on the sidewalk with chalk with your best friends while listening to your favorite music and talking to each other about things that are inspiring. If you start combining all these things (and your own ideas!) day after day, the momentum will build and you’ll be on the fast track of manifestation.

Why is this so powerful? When you are feeling amazing, lost in the moment in the good vibes of friends and music, focusing on the things you love – you cease the patterns of thought and become immersed in the bliss of the now, and thus have no resistant feels or thoughts active in your vibration, and as that resistance disappears in those moments it opens like the carpool lane of the traffic jammed freeway of your manifestation superhighway and speeds right to you.

Of course this is only one part of the puzzle, but this processes builds the momentum, and as you start seeing the manifestations and proof appear, it multiplies the momentum even greater and creates a snowball of attracting abundance. The more of this you begin to experience over your life, the more it becomes ingrained in your mind and forms one of the most wonderful habits you could ever have. Everything in life just seems to work out perfectly – serendipitously.

Life becomes magical.



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