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Inspired by a random stranger telling me he was living “just another day in paradise” while on a road trip to Southern California, I filmed this video spontaneously to talk about what paradise is to each of us. Paradise to you is probably totally different than paradise to me or your friends. So how can we discover what our own paradise is, and what can we do to create this paradise everyday? I discuss the key to living paradise, literally inside this video!

What is YOUR paradise and are you living it everyday? If not, why not? Let me know in the comments below right now!

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One Comment on “Living Our Own Paradise – Polyman TV”

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    […] believe the more we live out life in congru­ency and integrity, the happier and more successful and fulfilled we will be in life. As I follow my intu­ition and keep doing what I love, while keeping the four agreements — […]

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