Remember the days before Christmas or your birthday as a little kid, how excited you were knowing there would be presents for you the next day? Or even every night going to bed, knowing the sun will rise tomorrow and you plan on living another day?

These are states of expectance, and are very powerful in manifesting your reality (both desired and undesired). By consciously using your thoughts to feel and believe something WILL happen, it sets powerful subconscious systems in motion to direct you towards making it real. You simple need to know and expect without a shadow of a doubt that it is happing and you simply need to look for and allow it.

It is difficult for many, including myself, to expect something you’ve never received before. Often times we expect NOT getting something because it’s been the case for so long. The secret is to first be grateful for what you DO have, then remove any negative emotions around the whole idea of what you want to expect, then replace any limiting beliefs you have around it with more empowering ones, after that start raising your expectancy for it bit by bit until it’s the entire thing fully and congruently.

Start small and believable. I have used this idea to go from expecting women to be disgusted by me, to expecting them to be incredibly attracted to me. I’ve gone from expecting to be poor, to manifesting money out of the blue and knowing that I live in abundance. While this didn’t happen over night, the long term pay offs of expecting everything you want in life is beyond anything you could ever do.



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