Have you ever wondered why you’ve been unable to breakthrough a certain “ceiling” or barrier, faced disappointment or struggle time after time, or even why other people in the same situation were happier and more successful than you? Or how about continually getting what you don’t want after fighting against it so much? Well I have almost every day, and a few years ago I learned something that changed my life. I learned about the idea of limiting beliefs – ideas we hold that are true to us, yet are preventing us from getting what we truly want. Not only that, I learned that these are changeable.

Imagine if you could remove this invisible barrier inside of yourself and set yourself free? As amazing as that sounds, and as possibile as it is – few of us actually are able to tell the difference between things that we believe that are empowering us or disempowering us. I mean, we know they’re true because we’re smart and have seen the evidence… but what if we only saw the facts through the lens of that belief? It would make it really hard to self-reflect and be honest with ourselves about which ideas we hold that aren’t getting us the results (love, happiness, money, careers, fulfillment, health) that we desire.

In this Polyman TV video, I go over the 4 criteria a belief must meet in order for it to be a keeper. If it doesn’t mean all of these requirements, chances are there’s a better way to see things that you can adopt. This is a quick and easy way to force yourself to be honest and to avoid twisting logic to defend a limiting belief. If you don’t like your story and your life — change ’em! …but we can’t do that unless we’re aware of what needs changing first.

Post a comment below now and let us all know what limiting beliefs YOU came up with while watching this video. Hell, maybe the example I used in the video about money hit home. Whatever it is, I’d love to hear!



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