Flower Power - The Real World Is Failing, But Don't Fight It

We must also think at a higher level to solve problems created at this thought level.

Since the time I was able to really think for myself — a time when one can start to distinguish what one thinks is a better option — I have fought tooth and nail against most of my parents’, well… parenting. Actually, most control-based institutions, including school and church. The hypocrisy, fear-based, illogical, stick-and-carrot, scarcity, guilt-based disciplinary and day-to-day raising style never made any sense to me, and thus as a naive child would do, I tried to fight the power of its injustice.

It’s this time that it became obvious (in retrospect apparently) that resisting and butting heads against what I didn’t want wasn’t working… yet the fire deep inside of me to fight for what I believed in never burned brighter.

Don’t get me wrong, I did learn a lot of positive things growing up as well and am grateful for all my parents did doing the best that they could. This is anything but being unappreciative. While there were many-a-thing that reluctantly did make sense (that I understood parents are obligated to do) that I just simply didn’t like at the time, there are still to this day (and forever I assume), fundamental principles that I strongly disagreed with.

What drove me to compose this… manifesto of sorts — is a phrase that came up tonight when my little brother accidentally hit my sister on the head with a wooden sword. That’s a scene right there. After the drama and crying ended, my parents proceeded to tell my already gut-wrenching remorseful brother that he “should be ashamed of himself”.

“Hate can’t solve the problem it began.”

Now I’ve heard this here and there my whole life, and until this moment never realized how messed up that phrase really is. I get the point and logic of saying such a thing, sure — but after learning about how people deal with negative emotions while working with myself and clients in real life circumstances, this approach is just not healthy on so many levels. You can not ever improve a negative state by introducing an even worse state — that’s insanity, really.

Being totally honest with you and myself, my emotions got ahold of me upon hearing this, and I began thinking to myself: “Yeah, that’ll work… guilt somebody into being a better person. Let’s make you feel even worse about yourself so much, that you’ll fear such a negative feeling and somehow think about how you want to avoid that bad feeling again before misbehaving forever in the future. Oh, you just did something wrong? Watch out! If you do something even worse, you just might regret it and hate yourself the rest of your life.”

Wow. Are you kidding me? This what’s believed to be the best way to teach a child?

This justice-karma-based, duality, fear-installing mindset and approach to “discipline” has to end.

The Reason The “Real World” Sucks

Growing up in a “semi-quasi catholic” household where you do things in order to not get punished out of fear and guilt, rather then simply being true to who you are and acting out of love — I can tell you first hand that this approach is dated, inefficient, and agonizingly miserable in the long run, and based upon a flawed premise to begin with.

Say hello the the tactic employed by many-a-religions in the classic “be good and obey man’s laws and go to God’s heaven if you’re chosen” or “disobey man’s laws and go to hell because you’re not worthy”. Implying that this world is only worth obeying and passing (like a test) to get to the real happy place (because you can’t find it here), and that if you don’t conform, you are doomed to eternal suffering and misery. Such fear-based control methods are similarly used by parents and governments around the world.

…it goes against the fundamental reasons of existence: the freedom to seek happiness for the purpose of growth for all mankind.

I don’t believe I rebelled and fought against this growing up simply because I was naive, disrespectful, or somehow else flawed. I think the reason I despised such an approach to my parent’s parenting, was because it goes against the fundamental reasons of existence: the freedom to seek happiness for the purpose of growth for all mankind.

Children are closer to who their true selves than a 30 year old adult because they don’t have years of cultured limiting beliefs and unresolved negative emotions clouding up their view. To better understand this, imagine a windshield that’s never been washed after driving 100,000 miles on the highway, splattered with dirt and all sorts of bug guts. How easy are you going to be able to navigate the road? Or life?

This is how most people function and observe their world after decades of living by default.

Infants’ inherent active desire levels to feel good, be free, and to grow, start near 100% as they are born — compared to the much lower desire levels most “trained”, indoctrinated, jaded, and emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally neutered adults that have “factual experience” in the “real world” possess.

It’s incredibly saddening to me that so many adults lose hope and congruence with their true-selves in the face of “reality”. It’s even more sad when those fears are passed down to children in order to “prepare” them for the harsh reality of the “real world”. Why do we feel the need to project our own fears and self-limitations unto our children in order to protect them from the “reality” of the “real world”.

Well here’s a reality check for you: your “real world” sucks.

It’s not working. It’s inefficient. People are miserable. Your world is host to lies, greed, hate, wars, and millions of psycho-pharmaceutically-drugged-up, fast-food-fed, passionless, unaware zombies. Your world states that we are born into bondage, and in order to survive, we must give our lives up to the machine with only the frivolous hope and rare glimpses of thriving in the 9–5. Your world encourages conformity and separation, rather than the worth of every individual in an inter-conneted wholeness. Your world attempts to suppress people that think ahead of their times, but every once in a while somehow let genius slip through and change the world.

You try and control others in order to make yourself feel good or safe out of fear, and the inability to find happiness inside yourself. You want others to change and conform to your opinions because you’re unwilling to expand your own views and try on potentially better possibilities, simply because it’s not comfortable. You carry the torch of an aging paradigm you sought to rebel against as a kid, but succumbed to it’s reassurance of how the “real world” works upon the constant barrage of negative and limiting beliefs of good-willed (albeit misguided) elders and peers that somehow “knew better”.

Who Am I To Dare Say?

This is not the tantrum of an entitled, uneducated, consumer-driven brat, whining that the world doesn’t cater to him. In fact, this is the declaration of denouncement of the reign of a flawed world in which scarcity and fear drive actions and thought. This is a the statement of a human so inline with his knowingness of the inherent wellness that flows to all thing on this plant, that his presence alone can’t help but disrupt all flawed establishments of the old world.

I could be wrong about all of this, sure. But in my volitional experience as one seeking higher wisdom, enlightenment, worldly travel, happiness, fulfillment, growth, freedom, love, betterment, and anything else that drives a polyman — I have found that regardless of the lack of so-called “realness” or “peer-reviewed, double-blind studies” of such optimistic views, they have improved the lives of every single person that chose to adopt and live along these principles.

Isn’t that what really matters, that lives are genuinely improved?

Have you ever wondered why your “real world” experiences such discord and dissonance when somebody like me shows up? Why everyone seems to attack and cling onto all the reasons why what I say works, is wrong? Twisted reasons backed up by all the evidence that they need to convince themselves that everyone else should be just as miserable and dead inside like themselves? Why the comfort of the constant lack of fulfillment, feels more safe than facing the world and demanding that they deserve to be happy, and are willing to do whatever it takes to live and abundantly joyous life?

…this view of how “life just is” can not be any further from the truth.

The answer is simple: it’s because the wellness, freedom, love, happiness, and truth that I’m very much in alignment with is so much more powerful and closer to what’s in your heart than what you’re currently experiencing and believing. It stirs your soul up to a point where the resistance and negativity you feel and express against it, is actually caused by the inner realization that what you’re living isn’t what the essence of your soul knows you should be living.

It’s this dissonance between where you are now and where the potential of who you’ve become is, that causes such upheaval against the self empowerment and wellness that emanates from people that are living their life congruent with the real them.

Your reality, your “real world”, has done a magnificent job convincing the majority of adults that life is meant to be hard, dangerous, and that those who are happy or living in abundant are somehow wrong or unjustly lucky. That life isn’t fair. That shit happens, money doesn’t grow on trees, there’s too many people and not enough stuff, and that given the chance people would hurt you.

This “real world” — this view of how “life just is” - can not be any further from the truth.

The “Real World” Is Flawed, But Has Been Necessary

The reason why things aren’t working is because that view of the world is flawed at its heart. If it wasn’t flawed, the world would have figured it out a long time ago, and would decide to work with it rather than keep resisting millennia after millennia. At its very core, those beliefs about the world go against the very essence of life, and thus every rebirth of a new generation brings with it the knowingness of wellbeing and solutions to the previous generations problems. The rebellion against your “real world” won’t ever end because it is not what humanity wants… and if you know anything about humans, we tend to get what we want.

I do not hate, nor do I wish your world didn’t exist; for I love your world because of what it has shown me. Everything that I don’t want in my future, as well as the promise for improvement, was born from that contrast between the world in which I desire to create and your “real world”. All the sufferings and apparent “wrongs” committed in your reality, have been required in order to inspire us all towards an ever-expanding better future — for those whom chose to see and attract it.

There is no wrong or right way, there just is. Everything has happened for the growth and evolution of our consciousness and species… and since that is a fact, and all growth and expansion is good, all events that catalyzed such learnings have a valid purpose and can not be condemned or even desired to be different. The past thousands of years of attempt… after attempt… after attempt… after attempt to mold younger and lesser generations, have been unsuccessful (and shall remain unsuccessful). Yet, they have been necessary to bring such an awareness of it’s inefficiency and flaws to the mind of mankind.

We cannot become better and focus on a solution, until we are of course, aware of the problem. Likewise, we can not find the solution while remaining focused on the problem either. The solution is always on a higher level of thought than the problem that created it. So again, we need to stop fighting and resisting the problems we don’t want, and start allowing and searching for the solutions we do want.

It’s Time To Move On

Your world is ending. It’s happening now.

Just look around and tell me how that view’s working out for you in the “real world”?

Maybe it’s only apparent to me… looking through my own lenses and filters into a dying world and dogma that’s on the brink of great change and awakening. Maybe it’s me who has become so powerful, that my own personal reality is changing before my eyes, and is causing ripples of change throughout the universe. Maybe it’s you, reading this now, resonating with such emotion who’s playing your own part in creating both yours and my reality.

The truth is, I believe, that we all create our own world. Our thoughts, believes, experiences, opinions, and emotions literally form our view of reality and all exist simultaneously and cooperatively. We can choose to hold on to these failing systems of corruption, greed, fear, and deception and continue down the path of suffering so prevalent throughout history — or we can choose to see our world as a place where wellness, abundance, and happiness is a right to all beings, at all times, regardless of them allowing it at that moment.

Whatever option we choose, it’s that one which will become our own reality.

“You can’t teach an old dogma new tricks”
–Dorothy Parker

How do you know if you should keep at what you’re doing, or make the decision now to decide your destiny? It’s quite simple to determine actually: if negative emotions, suffering, disease, resistance, and unhappiness are prevalent in your life — that’s a sign that…

It’s. Not. Working. HELLLLOOOOO. Wake up.

It truly baffles my mind how many people, including those who know about higher-level life concepts, choose to hold onto their ego and disempowering dogmas even if there’s a better option presented. What, do you really think that if you suffer long enough, that enough suffering will magically turn into joy and happiness overnight just because? Einstein said insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

The “real world” is insane.

With that being said, it’s not mine, nor anybody else’s job to try and coerce or convince those of the the old paradigm that it’s not a sustainable, empowering, abundant, or positive reality to live compared to that of inherent well-being and abundance. That same “my way is better so I’m going to force you to chance” has been part of the problem, and ironically the cause for much more useless suffering.

It could be quite possible, that these folk are here to inspire those of us open and willing, to seek a better life for ourselves and others, evoking the desire to passionately improve ourselves and share those successes and expanded thoughts with those who also seek out empowerment and bliss.

So my dear friend, do not get frustrated with the old and those that so desperately hold onto all-they’ve-ever-known — as everyone has the right to see the world how they choose, and that inherent freedom is what this declaration is all about. We are not here to fix a broken world, as this world is perfect the way it is in for its purpose. Rather, we are simply here to create a new world for ourselves in which we consciously choose happiness, wellbeing, and abundance independent of the leash of other’s realities.

It’s my hope that this manifesto resonates with others in the world that believe in something more. That believe in the inherent good of others and the wellbeing of this planet and all her inhabitants. Those that feel an insatiable thirst for truth, happiness, and freedom from the depth of their soul that kicks and screams to hell in back when it’s told how the “real world” works, knowing that is not how life is meant to be lived.

Stop resisting the pessimism of the old, and start allowing more of the wellbeing and abundance that you deserve. You deserve this inalienable right simply because of your existence, without any need to prove your worthiness for it. We have the power to change our world, and it’s been proven time and time again, that all it takes is a single thought to send ripples throughout the universe.

The belief that we are insignificant and powerless in our impact, is the greatest lie we’ve ever been told.

On the 1st day of January, in the year 2012AD, I make this declaration to the Real World.

Help make the world better: if this article stirred up anything sleeping inside of you, or at the very least evoked some emotion — please share this now with others who you feel need to read this. Thank you!



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