While I understand not everybody uses lip balm, it’s important to know what goes on your skin (even if it’s a simple kiss from somebody else). In this video I talk about the kind of lip balm I use right now: Pangea Organics Pyrenees Lavender With Cardamon. I also recommend Burt’s Bees and Badger Organic Lip Balm made with cocoa butter. There are many great brands out there, but these are the only ones I have solid experience with. Not mentioned in the video, I also had great healing success with avocado oil-based lip balm (but didn’t care to always taste avocados).

(Ps. No affiliate links whatsoever! Just direct company URLs. I don’t profit a penny from anything I recommend, so you can trust I only suggest it because I like it myself.)

The point of this isn’t about WHICH natural brand to use, but rather to become aware that most conventional brands are actually toxic and to choose something made with safe ingredients. The real key is picking something all natural — preferably organic — as most commercial makeup and lip products contain petrochemicals (and hell, most lipstick still contains lead). These all tend to be vegetarian and vegan anyways, so those with these diets are usually pretty safe.

Also remember that if your lips are constantly chapped, it’s likely that’s a symptom of dehydration! Drink twice as much water as you currently are throughout the day, and notice the need to use any sort of moisturize go way down.

Some may brush such a minuscule amount of toxins off as negligible, but realizing the fact that most people put lip balm on quite a few times a day, everyday, for their whole life… it adds up quickly — especially with the 100s of other toxins we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

Skin care that’s all natural is the best way to go! There’s nothing un-masculine about caring for your health and taking care of your hygiene. While women don’t want to date another girl, they also don’t want to kiss a cheese grater. Be careful of what you put on your lips… and hers.



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