Being able to focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want, is one of the most fundamental abilities one can ever master. In fact, I have to say it just might be the first or second most crucial skills to master in life, as it’s the foundation of all happiness and success. In this video, I give a basic explanation of the differences between focusing and allowing what you want, versus focusing and resisting what you don’t want.

They say “what you resist, persists” and that is fact. The more you resist something, the more you put energy towards what you don’t want — the more powerful that issue becomes. Imagine arm wrestling: the harder one guy pushes his arm down, the harder the other guy has to push back in order to not lose. The only difference for you is that your opponent will consistently match you back, thus you can never win.

Sometimes if so much resistance has been made, when one decides to drastically change focus, they may be hit with all that force that was pushing back against them — and experience a rush of that negativity that has been building up. This tends to discourage many, as it seems as if that initial blast means it’s not working. On the contrary, it’s simply the first step to detox before getting well.

Just like busting a dam open: at first it will create a rush and force that was being resisted by the dam. As that initial release of potential energy wears out (because tree’s no more resistance), soon afterwords you can safely begin flowing down stream WITH the river in a much more controlled fashion. You then ride that wave towards what you do want, allowing it to take you there.

So start allowing and stop resisting, and pretty soon your life will transform into that of one filled with positivity, ease, and effortlessness. It’s only when we stop allowing and instead resist, that life becomes difficult.



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