It is with great excitement that I introduce the first episode of Polyman TV! I’ve been in the process of  studying, researching, purchasing, testing, filming, and editing for the past 2 months everything I needed to in order for this moment to come true. A lot of planning and testing work went into the setup of this show… and that’s just the format and production of it, not to mention the actual content itself. While I do have over a decade of computer experience in design, development, and multimedia — this was the first time I’ve undertaken a full studio-quality production.

Needless to say, I’m fucking thrilled with the results so far!

The picture and audio quality of the videos I’ve recorded in this format are super high quality. For the sake of total honesty and transparency (to those of you interested), I’m recording all of this with just an iPhone. Yes, a cellphone did this. I am however using professional lighting equipment (3‑point lighting setup) and an external microphone plugged directly into my iPhone 4S. That’s it. The only post-production work I’ve done is some color correction in Final Cut Pro X (as well as the titles, obviously). I will be making a video later on showing how it’s all done, of course.

You may also be surprised that everything is done solely by me: recording & cinematography, lighting, design, hosting, “scripting”, editing, and post production. I’m not saying that to boast however, but rather to illustrate that while it IS a lot of work to get up and running… it’s perfectly possible.

I’ll say that again differently: I stopped making excuses about not having any help or the perfect conditions, and just did what I needed to in order to get shit done.

So getting this up is really the proof — the manifestation if you will — of a simple thought I had a few months ago. You are looking at the empirical evidence that you can create anything you want if you simply believe in yourself. I know the content of this video in and of itself isn’t thrilling, but it’s the fruition of a lot of hard work and the foundation of what’s yet to come.

Lastly, I want to thank all my friends for their support in getting this project up and running, because without you I would be lacking a lot of motivation. I am grateful for your belief in me and my message, and am beginning to understand how important that is in this field. You know who you are, and your love, enthusiasm, and ass-kicking fueled me.

Thank you for watching, and I know you’re just going to love the ideas I’ll soon be sharing!

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