To most people, including myself, the idea of being rich with money and material possessions tends to be what first pops into our minds when we think of wealth. Exotic luxury super cars stockpiled in 6‑car garages with that new car smell still filling your nostrils every time you open the door. Private yacht trips to your costal Mediterranean villa, with leisurely dips into the pristine blue sea accompanied by topless European super models. Dining from silver platters reflecting a myriad of colors from the exotic tropical fruits and dishes placed upon them, prepared by culinary master flown into your Scottish castle from around the world.

Hey, sounds pretty damn good to me, right?

Well, unlike spiritual gurus who will preach how wrong it is to want such things, and contrary to the mentality of sacrificing morals, spirituality, happiness, love, and purpose in order to obtain superficial opulence that usually accompanies such riches, I think there’s a MUCH better and holistic road to true wealth.

The truth is that there is a lot more to wealth than simply “getting rich”, and in this video, I talk about the 5 different components that make up true life-long wealth. These include: making money and obtaining material resources, how important health and time are, and the reason we do all of it – the priceless continuous goal to be happy and share that joy in the relationships with the people we love.

So if you’re stuck on the “get rich and sacrifice everything else to do it” train, you might want to take a step back and realize what the whole point of gathering paper is really for. I hope this video can provide enough of an overview to at least get some cogs turning in your mind. And if you like this sort of thing, please be sure to leave me a comment and share it now to let me know you want more!



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