Articles written in December, 2011

There are different levels (or types) of awareness that I find are needed in order to master life. Without awareness, we can’t even start to solve any problems we have because you don’t know what you don’t know. Once one becomes aware, then one can do something about it, and that awareness is already half the […]

Onion And Garlic Is ToxicThe research and reasons why I no longer eat much garlic or onions... and it's more than just bad breath.

To most people, including myself, the idea of being rich with money and material possessions tends to be what first pops into our minds when we think of wealth. Exotic luxury super cars stockpiled in 6‑car garages with that new car smell still filling your nostrils every time you open the door. Private yacht trips […]

This Polyman TV episode is a review and basic overview of what a Polyman is and where the word came from. I talk about why I came up with the word and why becoming a polyman is important to me, as well as the purpose of this blog and video series aka the whole Polyman Project. While the original article […]

Wow, so after getting some really good feedback on my first video, realizing I wasn’t communicating what I wanted in it, and becoming aware of some of my own faults and insecurities, I took a few hours to do some introspection and figure out what was going on inside. After doing some TECM (Total Emotional Congruency Method — an […]

It is with great excitement that I introduce the first episode of Polyman TV! I’ve been in the process of  studying, researching, purchasing, testing, filming, and editing for the past 2 months everything I needed to in order for this moment to come true. A lot of planning and testing work went into the setup of this show… and […]