Ask and the world is given

You have the power to have anything you want in the world, you just need to ask and it will be given.

There’s tremendous power in asking for what you want. Those that don’t ever ask for what they want, stand 0% chance of getting it. You ask with words, thoughts, intent, emotion, and focus. You get what you ask to get, and you also get what you ask to not get. You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want.

Most people don’t bother asking because they don’t believe they will even get it. Rejecting themselves isn’t nearly as bad as being rejected by somebody else… And how better to avoid that feeling of rejection than to not even bother? The truth is, you’d be amazed at how often you get things simply by asking for those same things others didn’t believed they could get — a la free upgrades and discounts Tim Ferriss style.

Here’s where I feel people need to stop being so humble and meek. We’ve been taught and trained by religions and governments to stay in our place and that desire is shameful… All while they live in lavish materialism or spiritual haughtiness? Bullshit. We are all powerful creators of our own reality, and when we are aligned with our true desires, we are just as entitled to them as anyone else, and they, by Law of Attraction, must come to us in the highest good for all. When we are happy, we only want good things, so why shouldn’t we be allowed to get them?

What I’m wanting you to realize, is that when people “ask” for what they want, they, well, ask. And inherently with asking, often implies seeking permission or approval of the request. Listen to this carefully: you are worthy of anything you ask for simply because of who you are. You don’t need anyone’s permission or acceptance to say what you desire is okay to be granted to you. Also, often presupposed by asking, is a possibility of denial. The universe, cashier, attractive lady, parent, etc., can say “no”. You go from a purely 0% chance, to a 0–99% chance. Leaps and bounds better than not asking though, don’t get me wrong.

But there’s a 3rd option: demanding. Demanding with expectance. 100% guaranteed.

Imagine a thirsty king. He desires a drink. He has an entire kingdom of wonderful abundance at his disposal. Is he going to say to himself “I’m thirsty but I don’t think anyone will offer me water because I’m not good enough”? Or worse, imagine him getting on his knees to his servant and saying “please, pretty please I’m so desperate for water, could you grace me with your generosity and share some drink with me?”

A mighty king?! Outrageous!

He simply tells his servant to get him some water. Is he rude about it? No. Does he look down upon the fetcher? No. Does he appreciate the aide and abundance? Yes. He’s not bossy or arrogant; he simply BELIEVES and understands it’s going to be given to him. That knowingness and worthiness comes before anything can be given.

There’s a scene in Pulp Fiction that comes to mind where they’re cleaning the car of exploded head guts, and John Travolta’s character asks a very high status and efficient person who’s doing them a favor on short notice to be more polite in telling them to do something. Paraphrasing, he responds: “Please, with fucking cherries on top, clean the fucking car.”

Anyways, I’m not saying to go around demanding things like you own the world; it’s not the language of demanding vs asking — it’s the mindset. Asking (politely and with appreciation) and expecting it will happen because you deserve it, is what I mean when I say demand. Expecting things will come, knowing you deserve whatever you want in life. As they say: “deserve what you want”.

You want a raise? Demand it. You want the most sexy supermodel girlfriend that will do wild and crazy things with you? Demand it. If you’re not at the place where you can demand to the world what you want, you need to learn, unlearn, change, and/or do whatever it takes to get your beliefs, emotions, abilities, and mindset in the place where that kind of expectancy comes naturally. It is possible for any area of life, but it can take work and time.

A king knows his kingdom provides for him just as he provides for his kingdom. Neither doubt the existence or value of the other. So then why do you beg and ask with doubt and approval-seeking for your desires to be granted by somebody else that holds the power to your happiness? You are the king and queens of your realities, start acting like it! Demand and it is given. Choose happiness now.



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