Belief is allowance, not cause - allow yourself to believe

Belief is allowance, not cause — allow yourself to believe and it will be.

Our beliefs are powerful, but do they give the power? A lot of skeptics feel that any solution in which they don’t understand how it works, must work on placebo. Given that placebo is actually the most successful cure in the world, one can, with any shred of logic, see the power of belief. I feel the tremendous resistance towards anything that requires believing in it to work from hardcore skeptics, and while I applaud their efforts in finding truth and fact in a sea of scam, their angst and rejection against anything that doesn’t match their comfortable paradigm shows in their resistance.

It’s in this resistance that I find failure. I’ve had an idea that while some placebo may just be belief (which is powerful in itself), that believing isn’t necessarily what gives a tool, technique, pill, or cure its power — it simply allows it to work. If your beliefs are powerful enough to make a sugar pill cure your cancer, they’re strong enough to prevent a cure for cancer from working for you (even due to you not wanting to take it). Make sense?

Let me put it another way. Belief is like a dam, and the river is the effectiveness or ability to work of any certain thing. If you have no belief either way, the dam isn’t even built and the river can flow freely through just as neutral as possible, giving life to the whole valley. If you have a dam built and it’s open, the river can flow much more purposely towards where you want it — and even generate electricity! If you have a dam built and it’s closed, shutting off water to the rest of the valley, the river isn’t going to flow and the valley will be all dried up and dead. Just because there’s a damn built doesn’t mean the river is inherently flawed and doesn’t have the ability to flow, it just means something’s preventing it from flowing how it normally might.

So why wouldn’t you want as many possible rivers of possibility flowing into your valley? Why would you want to choose to limit yourself before even trying the waters? The belief of something being false or not effective before even giving it a go may hinder its ability to work easily.

But! Some might say, the belief that it will work might influence the results favorably as well.

…and that’s a bad thing, how? If you had the ability to make things work better just by thinking they will, why wouldn’t you want to? The world isn’t a laboratory where double blind tests can prove anything absolute, so stop trying.

If something works for at least 1 person, than it does have the ability to work. They are allowing something that works, to work for them. Somebody who believes some concept is stupid nonsense and rejects it, is resisting something that works from entering their life. It’s not the belief of the idea that gives it some magical power — it simply allows whatever that is to enter and influence their reality or not.

So simply put, my little theory is that there are some things that simply are true and work regardless if you believe in them or not, but by believing in them you allow that into your reality with ease, and by rejecting you create resistance against that, preventing it from working for you easily.

One of these would be the Law of Attraction. It appears to me this is a real law that affects everyone, regardless of their belief in it. It’s something that doesn’t need belief in order to “work”… but those that believe in it and understand how it works and follow some simple principles, see some amazing results with ease. Their belief isn’t what made it all start “working” magically; it simply allowed what was there to flow without resistance. It works just as “well” for those that fight against it, but obviously nowhere near to their advantage as it could be.

You can believe that gravity isn’t real, and fight it all you want trying to fly by flapping your arms, but you’ll still fall and crash. Or you can accept it is, stop resisting, and work within its laws, to do something magical — like create an airplane that works with gravity that allows you to fly. Or that the Earth is round and not flat. Or the million other things once rejected and now accepted as common sense. There are some wild, crazy things out in our universe that affects us and we can believe or not believe …but that doesn’t mean we’re exempt from their laws and effects. When we can work with, instead of rejecting simply because it’s fringe and we don’t understand how or why, we can begin to see incredible results that are impossible whilst maintaining resistance.

Belief is more about the art of allowing and the art of flow, than it is in the art of granting magical abilities to unmusical things. So start believing in positive and empowering things, you might just live an unrealistic life that’s full of happiness and joy that few can believe is possible. Hell, the worst thing that can happen is nothing if it’s just a placebo, right?



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