The big man himself, William Pryor Letchworth.

Just recently I went with my family camping here in Upstate New York at Letchworth State Park, and was not only awe-inspired by nature incredible herself, but by the man who lived his live with purpose and dedicated his entire estate to the betterment of all those who seek to appreciate the wilderness – William Pryor Letchworth. While his history is fascinating, and the natural splendors of his estate majestic, what I found impressive was his Rules of Conduct presented in an information brochure.

A man of business, vision, passion, love intellect, and virtue – Letchworth, a man born in the 1800’s – seemed to “get it” as far as ethic and principle was concerned. Reading his rules of conduct made an impression on me, and I hope by sharing, we can all take something away from these simple tidbits of wisdom.

  1. Tell the truth under all circumstances, when necessary to speak.
  2. Never wound the feelings of others if it can be avoided.
  3. Strive to always be cheerful.
  4. Review the actions of the day every night, and apply to them the test of my conscience
  5. In business affairs keep in mind that “procrastination is the thief of time”, and that “time is money”.
  6. Be temperate in all things.
  7. Strive to speak kindly, without giving offense, always with coolness and deliberation, having due regard for the views of others.
  8. Aim at a high standard of character.
  9. Attempt great things and expect great things.
  10. Aim to do all possible good in the world, and so live as to live hereafter and have a name without reproach.

Just as with my post on The Four Agreements, I think that keeping these simple things in mind during everyday life will have both a subtle and profound shift in the way you live your life and interact with others; self improvement doesn’t have to be complicated or grandiose.



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