No I’m not a 23rdian. (Photo credit)

Just a few days ago, I made my 24th successful rotation around our sun. I say that not to sound non-conformist, but to say the truth of what it really is. If one were to just look at me and guess, most would say I was about 19. If one were to start to talk to me, most would say 25. If one were to not see me at all and have guess by the topics that I’ve written, some would say over 40. Along the famous lines from Fight Club: “You aren’t your fucking age”.

Wisdom is not gained by merely the length of one’s existence, but the amount learned from the experiences in said existence.

I have learned, grown, and transformed more in the last year than any pervious years of my life. The changes inside my body, both physically and personality wise, have been incredible. The three biggest reasons for growth that I can see caused this were:

  1. My transition to raw super foods and super detoxes
  2. My first major relationship
  3. The literal release of hundreds of negative emotions and limiting beliefs

This year’s growth wasn’t haphazard; here’s a quick recap why they caused such growth:

My diet mostly consists of raw organic super foods like cacao, coconuts, blue green algae, salads, vegan supplements, sea vegetables, Ayurvedic herbs, sunlight, green smoothies, and a slew of other things I forgot how to spell. I have undergone a homeopathic HCG diet losing 15lbs of pure fat, I have done an internal 21 day colon cleanse along with 6 professional colonics, a liver/gallbladder flush, ventured to Mexico and had all my mercury and porcelain fillings replaced with quartz crystals, and am now currently doing suppository-based EDTA chelation detoxing.

In January I met my current ex-girlfriend, not expecting it to turn into anything serious. Well, one thing lead to another, and the more time (and mind-blowing sex) we had together, things naturally progressed until I left in May. It was the biggest roller coaster of my life, going from the best day to the worst in a matter of minutes sometimes. I was pushed to my limits as man more than any other time of my life, and really began to understand the masculine/feminine dance. I was tested. I failed. And recovered. And then passed. Again and again, each time growing and becoming a better man because of it, all whilst having some of the most incredible firsts and experiences of my life.

I’ve been going to a holistic chiropractor since last July in Orange County that works miracles. Not only did many of my physical issues heal, but my emotional traumas and limits were blown away. I spent 10’s of thousands of dollars of pure cash just for this alone, and it has been worth every penny. It has inspired me to work on my own method and book call “Total Emotional Congruency” or TEC Method that I’m currently beginning to work on to bring this emotional empowerment to every person.

So, as my first 23 years come to a close, here’s a list of the top 23 things I’ve learned in the past year:

1. Sometimes People Just Want Compassion

This was one of the biggest lessons I learned from my relationship. While I never purposely did anything hurtful, I had a somewhat “I don’t care, that’s not my problem” attitude in the beginning. She helped me realize what Charlie Sheen was rambling about — sometimes the best advice you can give is just love. There are more important things than being right or teaching somebody a lesson… or even their problems. Once I started being more compassionate, ironically, some of those problems were actually resolved. Note: this shouldn’t be confused with the negative extreme of this — pity.

2. The Only Truth Is Love

Love is really the only thing that exists and will exist at the end of time — everything else only exists in order for us to experience it. Fear was created so we would know what love was. Pain was created so we could experience pleasure. Duality was created in order for us to understand this. Love can surpass any pain or fear in the universe, and is the most powerful form of energy. So powerful in fact, that your love for another can make you blind to destructive or harmful behaviours. When you die, you will care about the love and experiences you’ve had — not the money or cars. The Beatles were onto something.

All you need is love and the office

3. We Are All One

This is a concept that so many spiritual people talk about, but don’t really experience or comprehend. I could write books on this, but it basically means, to me, that we are all “God” (insert whatever higher power you believe in) and have simply split apart in order to discover ourselves. We are all connected in through consciousness and even science has a related phenomena — quantum entanglement.

To the iceberg, he is separate — he has a defined solid body by shape and mass, separated by water. He is an individual with other icebergs. But ice is just frozen water — so as from where he came, eventually he melts back into the water becoming ocean again. Two icebergs form from the same ocean next to each other… are they not the same thing but in separate form? Steam, water, and ice are all the same thing are they not? How do the laws of physics apply to everything except humans?

It seems to me as if our ego is the frozen water, the iceberg — it wants to be an individual, but the water knows it’s all still ocean, no matter where or what form.

4. This World Is an “Illusion” & We’re A Part of Something Bigger

What we see, hear, feel, touch, or taste isn’t reality — it’s the interpretation of signals by our brain. Our mind generalizes, distorts, and deletes information in order for us to function in a huge world. Have you ever had a friend send you a text and you thought for sure they were being a bitch — later to find out they didn’t mean it at all and their mom was in the hostpital? What we think is “real” isn’t always the case. Not only that, but the fact of subjective and relative reality is enough to make Plato go insane. I realized that time is not absolute, and can be manipulated. What we think is true is not.

Not only spiritually, but look at the governments. The veils are being lifted, and people ARE starting to “mind the man behind the curtain”. Conspiracy theorists aren’t just wackos anymore; more people are “waking up” to the lies we’ve been told. Remember: history isn’t written by who was right, but by who won. Question everything, even what I say.

Most people are asleep to the fact of the realism of secret societies, banker elitist, NWO agendas, the thousands of other things that go on behind closed doors, the silliness of politics so common folk can fight amongst themselves, the drugging and dumbing down of the West, the cosmic events taking place that have a real effect on Earth and us humans, and the whole slew of other things that people would brush off as whacko, quack, conspiracy, or any other label given to ideas that aren’t mainstream. You know, just like the Earth being round, the sun being the center of our solar system, black people shouldn’t be slaves, and storms being caused by physics and nature not the wrath of an angry god.

Point being: we’re part of something bigger and very little of us really know what’s going on for real, and whatever it is, those of us awake all have that feeling that there’s more going on than what FOX or CNN is reporting. Learn why to think for yourself and do your own research. There has to be a lie to believe.

5. Health Is Everything

Health is comprised of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects, each interconnected with each other. You can’t expect to eat a perfect diet and neglect your emotions or behaviours and expect to be healthy. You can’t simply focus on your emotions and expect nutrients to materialize from nutrient depleted foods. Sure maybe some super yogis can synthesize from the ethers, but most of us aren’t at that level. Someday.

In order to be healthy, one needs to address all 4 areas in order to achieve peak health. It’s a spiral staircase: one level of working on emotions leads to better food leads to better energy leads to better habits leads to increased exercise to feeling happier to becoming more open minded to trying new foods leads to accepting other cultures leading to… you get the picture. It’s never ending and each area has many levels that are interconnected to each other. We live in a world where sickness is profit and cures are illegal — I have realized I must take responsibility for my own health — nobody else will.

6. Everything Really IS Energy

E=MC^2 right? Right! Everything is actually a vibration. Yes, even us. Matter (our bodies, our beds, car) is actually reallllly slow vibrations (they’re not that slow because we can’t see it!) compared to the vibrations of light, sound, and WiFi signal going through your head. This is so fundamentally important in everything we do, I can’t even explain it… and I’m not even talking about THIS kind of energy that’s being suppressed. Hell, we’re going to war for “energy” when it’s really everywhere. Give me a break, Tesla and Einstein must be rolling in their graves.

7. PH Is Vital

Remember all that talk about baking soda and vinegar in science class? Well who knew it was so important in health. Our body’s chemistry and digestion relies SO much on PH levels. Did you know most bottled water that’s distilled or RO’d is actually POISON to your body?! That’s right, think about it. Our bodies are about 75% water right? No, 75% SALT water. Drinking dead pure H2O water actually depletes your minerals because your body tries to keep homeostasis. We need alkaline water with minerals (a la pink Himalayan salt sole) in it. Drinks like coffee and soda are actually acidic to the body, and you need 32 glasses of water to neutralize 1 can of soda — look how acidic Gatorade even is!

Note: some acids, like lemons, are actually alkalizing to the body… but the general rule of thumb is: the more alkaline the food, the better.

8. Everything Is Holographic

Holographic Neuron Universe

The part contains the whole; the universe is infinitely large and small. Perception is projection. Our bodies are about 75% salt water — the Earth is 75% salt water. Our neurons are like the universe. The unified theory has been discovered: Nassim Haramein — Sacred Geometry & Unified Fields

9. Women Want Their Man to Be an Assertive Leader

Read the following 2 scenarios and pay attention to the way she lights up as she hears the second one:

1. Guy and girl start talking. They are attracted to each other. Girl drops hints she likes him, guy doesn’t want to seem disrespectful and just keeps things pleasantly neutered. Girl mentions to guy they should hang out again — they exchange numbers. Girl waits and hears nothing, so calls and they talk have a great conversation. Guy asks to hangout, girl excitedly says yes. Girl asks what they’re going to do, guy says whatever you want let’s just hang out. Girl says okay when and where, guy says well we’ll just figure it out later. Guy and girl meet up 2 weeks later and spend an hour discussing what to do, girl drives guy around and starts suggesting things to do. Guy goes along with everything complacently, they kiss goodbye, and the date ends. Everything went fine; but both left feeling frustrated for some reason.

2. Same guy approaches girl with charming eye contact and starts talking. Guy notices she’s into him so starts being playful and mischievous — she’s feisty right back. Guy hands her his phone and tells her to enter her number so he can call her the next day. She obliges with a lip-biting grin. Guy calls her, they have a really great conversation, and tells her he’s going out to a lounge and that she should join him. She’s down. He tells her to wear a black mini dress with heels, and to bring a clutch because the venue is a compact, yet classy atmosphere. She says okay, but asks “what are we doing?” He says “just be at my place by 8, I’ll take care of the rest — I have a fantastic night planned for us and you don’t have to worry about a thing.” Girl agrees and comes over at 8 (most likely 8:10). He grabs her by the hand, twirls her around with a slow full-body gaze, and genuinely tells her she looks fantastic. She smiles and he opens the passenger seat to his car and tells her to watch herself as he closes it. They drive off into the night, and she kisses him goodbye upon his doorstep with grins on both their faces the next morning.

Be assertive. Have a plan, but be open to her suggestions and spontaneity. Be in control; not controlling. Be dominant; not domineering. Lead out of respect, don’t push or ask for permission. Assume for the best of you both, and only when you make a mistake, apologize sincerely. Simply make sure your women is taken care of without her worry — and do it out of desire and affection, not need and supplication.

10. Accept Somebody for Who They Are Now, Not Their Potential

As a trained therapist, I’ve been taught to see people for their potential and for good reason. This doesn’t work so well in relationships. Yes it’s great to see people for who they can be, but if it’s blinding who they are now, it can be trouble if who they are now isn’t somebody that’s not making you happy. You can’t love somebody for who you want them to be, only for who they actually are. You also can’t accept others for who they are if you can’t accept yourself.

11. The Cosmos Is Massive & Affects Us

We all know that gravity of the sun and Earth is affected us every moment. Even the moon affects the tides of the ocean. So how can we think that planets and other massive suns that are as big as our solar system themselves, all these invisible rays (gamma, x, infrared, etc), CME, do not and any effect on us or this planet? It just doesn’t make sense. We think of these ancient civilzations as primitive, when they have figured the heavens out before a single satilite was put into the sky.

When I say there’s a bigger game being played, that includes the heavens. It is seeming to me that things like planetary  alignments, the increasing strength of the sun, axis shifts of our planet, and the activity of things we don’t even know yet… just might have an impact on our lives that we doesn’t understand yet.

Though, my belief in werwolves and vampires does still hinge on the success of the Twilight franchise.

12. Yoga Is Incredible

Yoga bow and arrow

That pretty much says it all. I’ve been doing it for a month and can feel the benefits already.

13. Feminine and Masculine Priorities Are Different

The masculine’s #1 priority in life is his purpose; his mission. The feminine is her relationships/love. Both can be top priorities for both, but at the core, this is the primary. This fundamental difference can be seen in the classic “man departing for war as his girl begs him to stay”. She knows he must go, but doesn’t want him to. If he decided that “you know what honey, staying here with you is more important than the freedom of mankind, I’ve changed my mind I’m saying”, she might be glad in the short term, but deep, deep inside she has lost respect for him as a man.

This fundamental difference causes a huge amount of communication clashes between the sexes, and manifests itself everywhere from doing the dishes to spending time with the kids to talking about what’s important in life. What’s important to a man and woman is fundamentally different, and both knowing this simple difference alone can save a lot of pain.

14. The Emotions You Feel Now Are Most Likely The Result of Something That Happened Long Ago

When your girlfriend says that off the wall thing that just pisses you off out of nowhere… do you really think you got that upset because of her? I’m going to bet not. When we have unresolved emotions, they act as an anchor point of sorts, so when anytime something in future something happens similar to it, it triggers it and builds it bigger. With methods like TECM, you can literally clear that built up energy and release that specific anger from when you were 4 and your mom said that same thing and you got upset.

Think about road rage: you didn’t go crazy apeshit when the first person cut you off driving when you were 16 did you? …I hope not. But when you’re 30, lots of people have by then, and even if someone looks at you funny on the freeway — you want them to blow up and burn in the fiery ashes of hell while you clench the steering wheel and spit 2 minutes of profanities at them 5 minutes after he got off the exit. That road rage was NOT caused by that one man’s stare, but simply a TRIGGER to an unresolved emotion… and that’s fixable!

To realize that most of the stupid shit I was getting upset over with my friends, family, and lovers wasn’t really them — but an unresolved issue from my past — was an incredible breakthrough that allowed me to become rock solid, forgiving, and abnormally calm to most people. Once I stopped letting others control my emotions, my entire life changed beyond comprehension.

15. “Drugs” Aren’t Really Evil. Drugs Are Evil.

I’ve been taught all my life that certain drugs like marijuana, ecstasy, mushrooms, etc, are bad, harmful, and evil — while things like Prozac, Ambien, vaccines, etc are okay and goof for you… all because big brother says so! The truth is, more people die from allopathic drugs than any natural “drugs” combined. I know plenty of good outstanding moral citizens who have used natural drugs for spiritual purposes and have become better people for it. I honestly don’t even smoke weed, but when I see that causes 0 deaths a year and is illegal, and legal pharmaceutical drugs cause over 38,000... I have to think there’s really something wrong with that picture. And the “war” on drugs? Please.

16. Modeling Isn’t Easy. Or Real.

I’m sure you’ve seen this video where they take an average woman and make her stunning:

I have done some modeling this year (and post production work) and have discovered that it’s both not as easy as I thought and that the final product isn’t usually what was shot… thanks to Photoshop. I’ve gotten the chance to experience this first hand and know that there is a very dark side to the industry that little know or talk about. The things people put themselves through for vanity or approval is very saddening. I have such admiration for the hell that average women put themselves through everyday it’s just unreal guys.

There’s also a lot of good things, and most of the people I’ve worked with are actually very good, driven, smart, and genuine people… then again I wasn’t doing Gucci or Prada in Milan either. It’s a very interesting world — one that could use a lot more love. Money and status have a habit of bringing out the true nature of someone. Unrealistic expectations placed on both young girls (and yes even us men about what beautiful women want us to look like, as well as what we should find attractive), don’t help either. Alas, sex does sell. Speaking of which…

17. Sex in a Relationship Really Is Better

Okay, it depends what you call “better”, but the only thing that tends to wear off is the novelty, chase, and variety. As a man, we biologically have this urge, so it never gets replaced… but the sex from a one night stand is totally different that with someone you’ve done it with 100+ times — obviously right. Well being a world traveler, free spirit, and entrepreneur — long term relationships haven’t been on the table for me much.

So with my girlfriend, I was able to push the boundaries of her sexual world beyond what she ever thought was possible and to help her feel more amazing than anyone I’ve ever been with before. All of the things an incredible lover should know, were proven time and time again to hold true. I was able to do things that could only ever be done within the context of trust, comfort, and respect that you just don’t get from a few hookups. Everything from fantasies, pushing taboos, multiple orgasms, even to hypnotically amplified tantric sex (and a lot more things that shall remain private) were able to be explored in a safe, fulfilling, and bonding way.

While one night stands can be wild and thrilling, it was an enjoyable change that allowed me to, literally, explore the inside the depths of a single person and what is truly possible in (and out of) the bedroom.

18. We Are Here to Experience and Learn Because We Have Infinity… What Else Are We Going To Do?

I had a spiritual experience that enlightened me to some of the concepts I’ve listed here, and this one was by far the most wild. I realized that because everything is infinite, then what the hell are we going to do forever?! I don’t believe in a typical heaven/hell fear-based existence system. It just doesn’t make sense to me. So what do you do when you’re pure love and anything is possible? Well you create duality and split your self apart (a la iceberg example and everything is love from before) in order to experience yourself. As a soul you go on a journey to face challenges in order to grow and learn and experience what we call life. I have no idea if this is the “real reality”, but hell, I had an undeniable awakening so it works for me and as of now, it’s the best theory I’ve got. Remember, no dogma, just a theory of what makes most sense to me now.

Like in Inception, when you can create anything you desire anytime without limits, it gets old… especially if you’re around forever. This is why we give ourselves limits, such as a body and fresh memory at birth, in order to experience things anew.

19. Nature Always Wins

I really don’t think we should be fucking with nature. Genetically altering seeds for profit, contaminating natural ones with them, creating super mutant bugs and toxic chemicals and viruses, and all sorts of destructive things that bastardize something that took millions of years to develop so perfectly is just out of my comprehension. Most is driven by power, ego, fear, greed, and lies. I don’t think ignorance is a viable excuse — I’m not even doing these things and I still know the consequences! I’m not anti-science by any means: things that don’t pose people or the natural cycle of nature harm, like the epic skin gun, are good things. Creating GMO foods that have unknown longterm consequences, sterilized and infused with toxins, and lobbied under lies of faked research and propaganda can’t be good for anything besides profit or poison.

In all my healing, I find that nature always provides the best ideas, and following her laws leads to harmony. Wow I sound like a hippy… sorry dad.

20. Cleanses and Detoxing Is Vital

We live in an incredibly toxic world. We are exposed to more radiation, radio waves, microwaves, fluorides, chlorides, coppers, smog, ocean pollution, plastics, heavy metals, mercury teeth fillings, GMOs, pesticides, antibiotics, dead/processed/fake foods, pharmaceuticals, EMFs, and so many more things in the last 100 years than the last 3000 years combined. The health of the planet is deteriorating and so is humanities. More people are toxic, obese, on drugs, and in poor physical shape than ever. Sure we eradicated small pox and plagues… but we also have have nuclear bombs that cause damage for decades and scientists manufacturing superbugs in labs that surpass that power of anything natural. So, in a world like this, it is vital we constantly help our body remove all these toxins with cleanses and detox protocols often.

21. The Body Works in Rhythms

Human Rhythm

Like the 4 seasons, there are natural rhythms the body follows everyday referred to as the Circadian Rhythm. Did you know that we sleep in 90 minute cycles? Did you also know our body has waking cycles too called Ultradian? Try working on 90-minute (or even 50–10, 50–10, 60) cycles between work and rest and notice your productivity skyrocket.

22. Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do

Yes, that’s a Jesus quote. No, he’s not my homeboy. In my experience advancing through personal growth like a virgin at a strip club (yeah, I don’t quite follow the analogy either), I’ve had to really learn to step back from judging people who do some really harmful things to themselves and others. People are really doing the best with what they know, and if their entire life have been taught poptarts are part of a “balanced breakfast”, and artificial sweeteners are good for you, then I can’t judge them because they don’t know that it’s poison (you know, people like myself). If someone thinks that we need to kill all Arabs, Jews, and Australians because they’ve grown up being taught hate, fear, and racism — I can’t judge them, they don’t know any better, it’s ALL THEY KNOW. We don’t know what we don’t know. (It’s a different story if they’ve chosen ignorance.)

I have no right to, either. I’ve been on the SAD for 21 years and have done lots of stupid things, and in 10 years from now, I’m sure a lot of what I’m doing now will be stupid to me then. We are all where we’re at for a reason, and that reason if perfect for us in this moment. We have no right to judge ourselves or others, because we are all where we need to be right now for our own personal journey. My path is no better or worse than yours, and yours is no better or worse than his or hers.

23. It’s Never Too Late. Life Is Meant To Be Lived.

Going to yoga I’ve seen 60 year old women participating… and kicking my ass. I’ve met people faced with incurable diseases and death, who have cured the “incurable” and surmounted all odds to full vibrant health. I’ve read story after story of people who’ve gone from rags to riches and became heros and inspiration to people around the world. I have seen love and kindness from the poorest of poor in Thailand first hand. I have also seen the self pity, victimhood, entitlement, and greed of many here in America. I have seen children so fat and obese at McDonald’s that make me want to scream and buy them a copy of Supersize Me or Food Inc.

I have seen people succumb to the 9–5 grind of a job they hate just because they think they’re not one of the “lucky ones” like me that can live my life how I want. Reality check — I’ve worked my ass off for what I’ve got and it wasn’t easy, and with the internet — access to all the information in the world for virtually free — nobody in the developed nations has an excuse anymore. I don’t listen to people’s excuses of why they’re not happy anymore — we all have the choice, I’ve simply made mine already, and am doing the work to get it.

We live in a world with more opportunities than ever before, with a population more sick and unhappy than ever before. We’re not meant to be cogs in a machine, aimlessly drugged over and complacent to a master. While this is a major problem, I do believe that everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life, and that it’s never too late to do so — even when one’s staring death in the face.



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