The Abundance Mindset Test

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Abundance is everywhere in everything

The words you say and the thoughts you believe can affect your abundance.

If you’re anyone that immerses themselves into personal development or spirituality like myself, I’m sure you’ve came across the idea of “abundance”. You know, that thing everyone keeps talking about that seems to contradict everything the media and “economy” is saying. How there’s plenty of everything in the universe to go around for everyone, and the notion that there’s a lack of everything we need to be happy is totally false. That the universe, God, or who/whatever created enough energy or “stuff” that it’s impossible for us to run out.

Well, it’s true.

While I personally believe this to be the truth based on pure physics and math — and the logical conclusion that whoever’s “running the show” just wants people to live in fear for the sake of  better control — the fact remains that most of us have grown up with middle and lower class families that have a lot of ingrained beliefs about scarcity.

Such beliefs as:

  • There’s not enough to go around
  • Other people are starving so you have to eat everything on your plate
  • You’re lucky if you can find somebody that likes you, so hold on to them
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Our family has never been wealthy, so just take whatever “safe” 9–5 job you can
  • All the good ideas/women/jobs are taken
  • The Economy sucks & nobody has any money to spend on your product

These even extend beyond personal and familial beliefs, as they have been constantly drilled into our world and societal consciousness for centuries. As anyone can see, that even for the most enlightened of gurus there’s plenty to overcome in order to consistently have a raised vibration of abundance… and keep it there. I mean, even as far along in my own personal development as I am think I am, I STILL consistently have to deal with limiting beliefs like those everyday. I’m lucky to have tools to clear and overcome these false limits once I’m aware they exist, and each learning and release takes me a step higher.

The idea that there’s all this abundance everywhere, that there’s all this money ready to flow to you, and there’s copious amounts of beautiful women waiting to beg for your attention… sounds fantastic — or like complete rubbish.

After all, if you’ve lived most of your life in lack (in a scarcity mindset) then that idea sounds like a newage fairy tale. Might as well have unicorns, puppies, fairies with magical happy dust, and super model sirens singing songs that make double rainbows piss golden Mario coins. But I digress.

Even if you DO believe that there’s abundance, or that it might be possible, if you don’t experience and see evidence of it in the real world, with your own eyes — it’s not going to be a real, powerful belief that molds your reality into one ripe with voluptuous opportunities and happiness. And trust me, living 20, 30, 40 years of a life that’s been saturated with events and “evidence” of lack and scarcity ain’t no walk-in-the-park to overcome for the average person.

Good thing you’re not average, eh?

So until you take care of all these unconscious limiting beliefs and emotions and start seeing the world through the eyes of abundance (because we all know the mind will always find evidence to support whatever belief it has, might as well make them empowering ones), how do you begin? How do you keep your mindset that one of abundance when the world around you shows mostly scarcity?

Well here’s a quick little “trick” I use when I’m faced with scarcity-based behaviours.

The Abundance Mindset Test

This is a very simple, yet extremely powerful, mental “check” that one can do anytime you feel like you may be acting out of neediness, scarcity, or a place of lack. I originally learned and applied this to my dating life, and found anyone can actually use this powerful reframe in other areas where lack (or not) of abundance would alter one’s behaviour.

…be able to live life as we want to, without being in a reactive mode that changes our behaviour into something sub-optimal.

The basic idea is that most people will behave differently when they desperately need something compared to when they have plenty of it. What we want is to be able to live life as we want to, without being in a reactive mode that changes our behaviour into something sub-optimal, depending on the current ‘supply’. So we just compare our current situation to that of one where we would be abundant to see if our behaviour would be different.

For example:

Let’s say I’ve been single for a while and meet a new woman and we start to (very casually) date. We hangout one night, and then I feel the urge to call her the next day to hang out again.

Now here’s where the abundance mindset test, or double check, comes into place:

I ask myself “If I was seeing 5 other women right now, would I still be doing this?”. I’d imagine myself in that situation, and come up with 2 possible answers: yes or no. If the answer was ‘no’, then that meant I was changing my behaviour based on neediness, attachment, scarcity, etc… and then I’d STOP, and not call her that particular moment. If ‘yes’, that means my behaviour was NOT influenced by scarcity and she was just that awesome that I wanted to see her again… in which case I would call her and hangout.

This has nothing to do with dating or waiting games; it has everything to do with making sure you’re behaving from the right place. Did I want to see her again just because I felt clingy or desperate that I finally met a new woman? Or was it because I genuinely wanted to see her soon because we had such a fantastic connection? I’m sure any high self-seteem woman would agree the later is a much more authentic and attractive reason.

Let’s take another example:

I’m with some friends at a nice restaurant and see something I want on the menu for $70 and something else for only $40. I notice that I start playing math games in my head and start rationalizing how I could do x, y, z with the other $30, but can’t tell if I’m just trying to justify settling for the 2nd cheaper dish, or that dish is the one I really want to eat.

I’d ask myself: “If I had an extra $100 right now to spend on food, would I still pick the $40 dish?”. If ‘yes’, then that means I’m congruent with that meal and that price (or state of scarcity) wasn’t the deciding factor in getting it — I really did want that dish instead. But if the answer was ‘no’, then I’d realize I was coming from a place of lack rather than abundance, and that was (negatively or positively) influencing my true desires.

Everyone’s reality is correct — so why not make yours a happy and empowering one.

Now this doesn’t mean right away I’d spend money I didn’t have just to indulge… you really don’t HAVE to have a $70 dinner. In fact, most (truly) very wealthy people are incredibly smart and responsible with their money. Average people would charge it anyways and go into debt. Be smart, of course. But if I DID have enough money and still noticed myself coming from that place of scarcity I’ve had earlier in life, that would be an awesome awareness to have when I’m actually living in abundance but not behaving that way.

The point is simply to start recognizing that your behaviours are influenced by your perception of abundance or scarcity, and to start catching yourself falling into negative habits and then to change them now… not live like a gluttonous spoiled brat that demands everything from the universe for nothing or make instant gratificational (yes I just made that up) decisions.

So, the test is specifically as follows:

  1. Notice yourself possibly changing behaviour out of scarcity.
  2. Figure out what situation would be one of abundance (or even more) compared to yours.
  3. Imagine yourself doing the same behaviour in the abundant situation.
  4. Compare that to your current one and notice if you behave the same or different.
  5. If different (no), don’t continue the current behaviour or at least be very aware you’re doing it out of lack. If you’d still be doing the same behaviour in both (yes), then you’re not acting out of scarcity or need and go ahead with your original choice.

Let’s apply this real quick:

You have an amazing idea for a new business for Magical Widget X (why do we always call them widgets?) Everyone says the economy sucks, you don’t have funds, or nobody would buy it because of x, y, z. You decide to scrap the idea. As you do, you do the Abundance Mindset Test to make sure you’re not scraping the business for the wrong reasons.

  1. Noticing yourself scraping the idea, you think it might be out of fear or lack.
  2. You think what kind of situation would have abundance: enough loans to start it and people with extra money.
  3. You imagine yourself in that abundant situation deciding to start or scrap the new idea.
  4. The choice you make in the “imaginary abundance” (in quotes because there actually IS abundance) will either be the same or difference.
  5. You can either realize that you were just afraid of people not affording it and keep/change your present decision or that you would cancel it anyways because the idea actually did suck even as you were coming from abundance.

Please remember this doesn’t help you make safer or educated decisions: this only checks to make sure you’re coming from a place of abundance. Be smart and responsible whether you’re in lack or abundance, and use this as an aid to really seeing the world as a loving and abundant place.

Everyone’s reality is correct — so why not make yours a happy and empowering one now.

Let me know now in the comments how this worked for you in your everyday life, won’t you?



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