Charlie Sheen is Winning!

When Charlie Sheen says “sorry”, he means sorry you’re not winning too (©CBS 2 and a Half Men)

Winning! That’s what Charlie Sheen is all about, and you can either love him or hate him for it – and that’s where his magic lies. Doesn’t hurt that he’s got tiger blood and Adonis DNA either. Now, I don’t normally write about pop culture and what’s going on in the media, but I came across the infamous Charlie Sheen interview rant, and instantly respected the man… despite what every media outlet, newspaper, and soccer mom is disgusted about. All they can see is the surface level, literal interpretation of his words and actions… causing them to make a righteous judgement of a man with “addictions”, rather than the epicness of his wisdom.

Then there’s the other people who just find it all hilarious; and as funny as the things Charlie Sheen says are, there is serious enlightenment and insight behind the “lulz”. He is blunt and offensive to the average American because he goes against their grain – their boring, average, dull, sleep of a life – and that’s not even mentioning the crazy porn stars, drugs, and partying. Sure he may have had alcohol/drug issues in his past, sure he might be an arrogant bastard, and sure he might not even be from this terrestrial realm – but that’s no reason to condemn him for living his life how he wants to… it should actually be the cause for his celebration.

His interviews have gone viral, along with his catch phrases and slew of new internet memes: because they’re winning, duh. Now initially, as I was watching them myself, I totally was like “this guy is crazy… but damn he’s funny”. Then a few minutes in, he started saying things that were really powerful, like “can’t is the cancer of happen” – whoa.

Maybe there’s something to learn hidden inside all of this…

If you haven’t seen the interviews, I HIGHLY recommend you watch them all, completely. Not only are they the ultimate dose of Charlie-Sheen-drug-brilliant-humor, there is a lot to learn from this Vatican Assassin. I have posted links to the videos at the end of this post, so be sure to check them out.

So without any further ado, here’s some of the best learnings and insights on how keep winning like Charlie Sheen:

The 37 Ways

1. Can’t is the cancer of happen – Just like Yoda in Star Wars “do or do not, there is no try” and Nike’s slogan “just do it”, Charlie gets that lack of action and fear is a sort of “cancer” to getting things done. Stop the excuses, believe in yourself, and take action. Now.

2. Don’t fall into other’s “boxes” of you – During the GMA interview, if you observed the interviewer’s language, you could tell she already had Sheen “sized up” with his issues and consistently tried to fit him into her “box” of him. A layman’s psudo-analytical mold of him. Charlie wasn’t having any of it, and neither should you.

Party epicly and avoid droopy-eyed armless children at all costs.

3. Turn your “anger” into passion.

4. Other people’s opinion of you, has nothing to do with you — so stop caring.

5. Ask your doctor about diagnosing you with bi-winning disorder.

6. Don’t allow yourself to be normalized or drugged – Charlie knows that pharmaceutical drugs and psychoanalytical “treatment” is total nonsense and usually does more harm than good. Stop being numb and deal with your issues instead of taking the easy way out.

7. Stop crying about your past and move forward – Your past is not an excuse for your future, it was what it was. Stop complaining and do something about it.

8. All you need is love… not advice.

9. Live at 1 speed — GO! – Life is short, go big or go home. Live life to it’s fullest.

10. Get a tiger blood transfusion. Solves all of this easily enough.

11. Dying’s for fools – Know your limits and respect them, but at the same time push your comfort zone.

12. Take a small dose of Charlie Sheen – This is really all you need, but not everybody can handle it. If your face melts off and your children start weeping, that’s a good sign you can’t. (See point 26 for next best option.)

13. You have the power to cure yourself in a blink – Wisdom! Sheen Machine knows the incredible power you have with your mind and that you don’t need to live powerless in the debts of an authority or guru to heal yourself.

14. Party epicly and avoid droopy-eyed armless children at all costs.

15. Do you best and be proud regardless of what happens, don’t feel guilt or shame – “I make the decisions in the moment and I live with them, good or bad, but they’re mostly good.”

16. Give people the gift of awesomeness.

17. Take responsibility for yourself, and expect others to as well – If some crazy porn star in the room you’re partying at wants to OD on drugs, that’s her issue. It doesn’t mean you don’t help if she needs it or should you encourage her, but she knows what she’s doing as an adult and is responsible for her own actions; you’re not her parent. Likewise, nobody else is responsible for you either. You should not feel guilty about other people’s actions, or expect others to about yours.

“You can kill me, but you don’t have the right to judge me.”

18. Believe in what you think, regardless of others’ doubts.

19. Marry from the heart, not the law or bible – Join together and love out of love; not laws, traditions, or expectations. Don’t let social norms dictate the way you love, and don’t lay contract to ever-changing emotions.

20. Ignore the fools, trolls, and clowns – Haters will hate all day while they sip the hateraide. These people criticize your action and progress since they don’t have the balls to do it themselves. Ignore them and take advice from those that care.

21. “You can kill me, but you don’t have the right to judge me.”

22. “Sleep rhymes with sheep” – Funny isn’t it? Charlie knows most people are just spiritually & worldly asleep, like Neo was in The Matrix. Stop being an obedient sheep that behaves and does what it’s told blindly. Wake up and start living!

23. Don’t waste time on nonsense – Stop eating McDonald’s, watching the news, catching up on gossip, working a pointless job, etc and start focusing on things that matter: friends, family, dreams, goals, and true happiness.

23. Live inside the moment in between a moment; that’s where life is.

24. You must love or you must hate, and you must do so violently – Live with passion! Love with passion. I’m not a fan of hating, but if you’re against something, do so with vigor and passion. Mean what you say with zest, and say what you mean.

25. Don’t live in the middle – End the mediocrity — that will kill you. Decide what you want, and pick a side even if you’re alone. Make a stand for what you believe in and don’t be wishy-washy about it. Man up, be the leader, and make decisions.

26. Activate your dormant Adonis DNA (along with point 10)

27. Be special – The media, school systems, corporations, and government want everyone to be average and eliminate individuality. This is platonic possum poop. Stand out, be yourself, and express your creativity. Stop being like the masses.

28. Wherever you are, enjoy the view (hopefully from a private jet with 2 smoooookin hotties)

29. Find heaven in the eyes of your family, and hell in those that try and disrupt that love.

30. Don’t let them extinguish your pilot light – Keep the fire alive, deep inside your soul. That burning desire for freedom, love, and your mission needs to stay alive through hell and high water; torture and suffering. They may think they’ve won by putting out your roaring bonfire, but a tiny flame will keep bringing it back.

31. Stop qualifying yourself, and let them figure it out – People will judge and jump to conclusions regardless of what you meant. The media always spins things and people gossip, let them. Who cares, you’re focusing on actually doing something with your life, rather than not and just criticizing somebody else that is.

“Find heaven in the eyes of your family, and hell in those that try and disrupt that love.”

32. “Step up and change it right now. Look your father in the eye and say you’re wrong, I’m different, I’m better. Watch me.”

33. Don’t sleep; wait.

34. Become free from the opinions of others and yourself – STOP caring about what other people think about you.

35. Say awesome things – Let your humor and wisdom always shine through and light up the lives of those around you.

36. Be a total freakin rockstar from Mars.

37. Always look for something to learn in every situation.

The Infamous Interviews

Good Morning America Interview:

Infamous Radio Rant (1st part of 3): Charlie Sheen Unleashed: I’m Not Taking It Anymore!! 13

Well that pretty much sums it up. I know I did a lot of interpretation and reading between the lines, but I really think that Charlie Sheen knows exactly what I’m talking about. Even if not, I still think these are some pretty powerful ideas to think about. You may agree with some and hate others, and that’s great – do both violently and become a better man.

Do you know any other ways to keep #winning like Charlie Sheen? Post ’em for us all in the comments below!



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