Everything is energy. The ancient Chinese knew this, now so does Exxon Mobile quantum physics – and so should you. This idea of energy can be as simple or complex (or as scientific or metaphysical) as you want to make it; but for most people, “energy” is a pretty vague and abstract concept. Even if you get it, actually doing something useful with the concept in everyday life (unless you’re a rocket scientist or an energy healer) can be quite a challenge.

One of the most useful parts of the whole “energy concept” is the idea that all energy has yin/yang (or positive/negative, light/dark, etc) forces that are in a constant state of flux and balance. This is basically what you learned in science class when you were a kid: electrons are negative, protons are positive & north and south poles on the earth and magnets. If you get the whole yin/yang concept, even better (if not, you really need to) since a HUGE focus on this blog is balance.

Great, so how does this make our everyday lives better?

Well, besides allowing people to do awesome geeky things on the fridge with alphabet magnets, it really describes almost everything we do in life. Hell, if we are all made of some form of energy, and all energy is in a state of flux, balance, and constant change… wouldn’t it be nice if we had a tangible, realistic system for dealing with this?

What if this system allowed us to balance ourselves in such a way that greatly improved our understandings, awareness, success, peace, health, and happiness? Is that something you juuuust might find this incredibly beneficial?

Yes? Well I’ve discovered the pinnacle of systems (that nobody really knows about yet):

Uzazu. Uza-what? Say it with me: “oo-zah-zoo”.

What is Uzazu (The 16 Ways)

For the past 10 years or so, the founder Dylan Newcomb as been referring to his system as “The 16 Ways” (can you guess why?), and literally just a few days ago, announced it’s official name. Once you understand the concepts and basic sounds of The 16 Ways, *ahem*, Uzazu, the name does makes a bit more sense.

Okay, so what exactly is Uzazu? Well, that’s a pretty hard question to answer as you can tell by the above video. According to the offical website:

UZAZU is a beautiful way of connecting your mind, body and emotions so you can deeply engage with yourself, others and the world we live in. A language that ‘speaks’ without words, UZAZU uses simple combinations of vowel sounds, thoughts, and movements to tap directly into different dynamics of energy—it gives you the tools you need to unlock the enormous potential of your body-mind connection. UZAZU empowers us to access new levels of both wellbeing and productivity.

Like yoga and tai chi, UZAZU has been born of embodied experience and extensive collaborative discovery. Like riding a bike, or brushing your teeth, after a short period of repetition, you’ll find that UZAZU goes beyond something you learn or do—it quickly becomes an instinctive part of who you are.

UZAZU is grounded in 10 years of original research into the effect of sound on physical behavior and subjective experience with hundreds of subjects from diverse cultural backgrounds. It connects a broad range of principles both modern and ancient. UZAZU integrates a core set of sixteen physical movements, vowel sounds, and thought patterns with several leading theories of emotion, quantum energy medicine, developmental psychology/sociology, personality typology, and core principles from Chinese (Taoist) and Indian (Vedic) philosophy. With UZAZU, abstract theories quickly become concrete realities, and complex thoughts flow into simple actions.

You can read the full description here: http://uzazu.org/whatIsUZAZU.html

If you’re still not quite following me yet, in the super, super basic essence:

Uzazu is the theory and application of a series of breaths, sounds, movements, and intentions that go through various degrees and blends of yin and yang energy, allowing you to embrace and experience specific concepts in a physical, mental, emotional, and energetic language, towards a balancing of these energies.


Ok, there you have it in my own Uzazu 101 definition. Think tai chi/qigong (or yoga standing up), synchronized with sounds and inhales/exhales, with lots of theory and awesomeness. At that basic level, you go through 16 different movements that express certain concepts (like communication and boundaries) with their opposite in order to achieve a balance of each degree of “yin & yang”.

“This system is a breakthrough and will be huge.”

There’s really so much more to it, but the history, theory, and explanation of the system is immense, and is well beyond the scope of this article. If this system sounds interesting, keep an eye out for further articles or news in the public; as I feel this system is a breakthrough and will be HUGE – mark my words.

Bonus: Real World Experience

This is some personal history of my actual experience with Uzazu (The 16 Ways) that I wanted to share just for shits and giggles, and that I have actually used the system energetic language.

About 1–2 years ago, my really good friend Nicholas Rave introduced me personally to Dylan at one of his introductory talks in LA. I was impressed with Dylan’s pose and stature (he’s a dancer), and beyond that could tell the guy was pretty brilliant. He talked and demonstrated ideas of his project, and I was instantly hooked.

The next day (and for the rest of the weekend) I partook in his experimental workshop in LA with my friend Jen, learning all about The 16 Ways (now Uzazu).

The workshop itself was a great experience and I learned so much on top of what already resonated with me. I was faced with a bit of frustration, as the whole routine was new to me and I had no experience with movement systems like yoga/tai chi/qigong, and wanted to get everything down right (poor me right?). Besides that, it was a very moving experience and knew this was it. I bought a DVD to practice at home, and left inspired.

Yeah… that lasted about 4 days until life kicked in.

Since then, I’ve only been practicing once in a while (on my own). I don’t do it as often as I should, but when I do, I love it. It really does balance you and center you out, and it’s really a kick ass system. I haven’t practiced enough to get the long term benefits, but that’ll change as I’ve started to practice again (takes about 30 minutes/day).

I know this is something I need to do all the time, and there’s no question in my mind about Uzazu. I highly recommend anyone into this kind of thing to check it out. Dylan and his 16 ways are legit, and this is really the cutting edge of ancient wisdom.



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