Articles written in April, 2010

10 Secret Sex Tips for Becoming an Excellent Lover10 secret sex tips on how to enlighten your sex life to become a better lover and man – one that women will remark about. These tips are real, quality concepts you can apply to your life – rather than quick fixes and techniques found in most magazines or "how to drive your woman crazy in bed" lists.

Just Bee Yourself - Disney's AladdinWhy just "being yourself" sucks, and is the worst advice ever. Why people even say this and how to tell the people who give crappy "be yourself" advice – and those that give epic, great advice – apart.

It's time to burn your ships and win!The biggest reason to burn your ships and never look back. Simple and effective (hopefully).

Learn about Uzazu (formally The 16 Ways): a system similar to yoga/tai chi/qigong, that focuses on balancing yin and yang energies through movement, breath, sound, and intention. Dylan Newcomb is the real deal, and has been developing Uzazu for the last 10 years.

Don Juan DeMarcoDon Juan DeMarco is the master of loving and seducing women. The way he talks and behaves communicates his understanding of women and desire to ignite their soul with passion, which is apparent in these 7 quotes.