Articles written in March, 2010

Setting GoalsWhy setting goals doesn't work (the reason isn't what you think). A little awareness on how a lot of people think just may be the secret to shifting your perspective and approach to goal setting. Hell, you may even learn how to enjoy the process itself.

Spider-Man: Strength vs PowerStrength vs power, and a totally different take on what it means for you as a man. Potential and kinetic, capacity and ability, and all sorts of other semi-theoretical nonsense that will actually mean something after you read this now. Hopefully.

Da Vinci - Vitruve Luc ViatourThe definitive answer to the question: "what is a polyman?" This is the true origin of the word 'polyman'; including inspiration, what it means, and where it comes from (etymology). It describes why so many guys don't know how to be a real man, and how this rare breed of man is different.